Pope Francis Calls for the Defence of the Unborn

'I greet all the participants on “The March for Life” which took place this morning in Rome and invite everyone to maintain keen attention on this theme of such importance with respect to human life from the moment of conception. With regard to this, I would mention also the gathering of signatures that today took place in many Italian parishes with the aim of sustaining the European initiative “Uno di noi” (One of Us) to guarantee juridical protection of the embryo, safeguarding every human being from the first instant of existence.' ~ Pope Francis

H/T Rorate Caeli

Thank you to a reader for sending me The Tablet image. How did he get a copy of the front cover of next week's edition before it was already published, eh? As it turns out, the Holy Father feels so strongly about the pro-life cause that His Holiness surprised everyone, including the Tablet editorial team, by joining in the Marcia per la Vita (March for Life) Internazionale in Rome this morning.

May God bless our wonderful Holy Father and grant His Holiness long life and a happy and joyful reign. Just there His Holiness looks not entirely dissimilar to Blessed Pope John Paul II.



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