Morning Must Read

The Vestments may have changed, but Holy Communion on the tongue is still in.

Read James Preece's blogpost today.

It is clear that Pope Francis himself distributes the Most Holy Eucharist to communicants on the tongue, kneeling.

The baby has not been thrown out of the bathwater and it's official.  Also official, is the news that 800 Italian martyrs are to be canonized for staying true to the Most Holy Faith when their town was invaded by Islamic invaders in the 15th century.


Richard Collins said…
I'm afraid that is a selective series of frames. Most priests at that Mass distributed Holy Communion into the hands of the recipients.
The baby issue is debatable.
The Bones said…
So when will order and uniformity be established?

And who will establish it?

Is it on a priest's whim or is it some are obedient to Pope Francis (who gives Communion on the tongue), and some are not?
Richard Collins said…
Laurence, I guess it is the latter ie "some are not" (obedient).
I would hope that Pope Francis will, in due course, impose rather than 'guide'.
BJC said…
Meanwhile over at the Tablet there seems to be a liberal news blackout of anything orthodox Pope Francis says or does. If he says something about Archbishop Romero shout about it; if he says something about the devil or praying the rosary ignore it. If he washes the feet of women at Easter put it on the front page; if he gives communion on the tongue kneeling don't even touch it.
Amfortas said…
Archbishop Romero was an orthodox Catholic. We shouldn't invoke his name in some partisan debate.
Amfortas said…
Time will tell if there's a lot of wishful thinking going on here among Traddies. Are we sure Pope Francis never gives communion in the hand? Are we really sure?
Andrew rex said…
I totally agree with Richard Collins that these are selective portions of recent papal masses and the impression given is misleading. If you watch the papal mass for the easter vigil, pope francis does give communion by intinction (therefore on the tongue) to the deacons while kneeling. Afterwards he returns to the chair on the people's side of the altar and gives communion to a small group of lay persons (confirmation candidates and readers including one female), as well as the vimps. They all receive standing and some receive communion in the hand. If pope francis is sending any message at all surely it is that it is acceptable to receive communion either way.

While it is true that one priest has been shown in these clips declining communion in the hand during the basilica masses, the vast majority of priests/deacons can be seen willingly allowing communicants to decide which way to receive themselves.
Paul Beavis said…
General Instruction on the Roman Missal (GIRM #161) states that the choice of how to receive the Host is the communicant’s alone, and that “(n)o minister may dictate whether communicants receive in the hand or on the tongue” (where such an indult is in place).