Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Policy Meeting

Peter: "So, to conclude then. Massive immigration, especially from Islamic countries. We really want to rub the Tories nose in diversity. Got that Gordon?"

Gordon: "Check. You okay with that Tony?"

Tony: "Got it."

Peter: "Then open up wars against Muslim nations involving countless deaths of Muslim people to be followed by more wars later. Everyone cool with that?"

Tony: "Got it."

Gordon: "Check. Still with loads of immigration from Islamic countries, right?"

Peter: "Yes. Are you keeping records of this Alistair?"

Alistair: "No."

Peter: "Good."

Margaret: "If I may I can see there may be some future prob-"

Tony: "Oh my, is that the time? Thanks Margaret for that contribution but we're going to have to wrap it up there. Cracking. Well, see you same time next week then. Well done, Peter. Gordon, Alistair, Margaret, Peter. Good day to you."

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