Come on Boys!

Don't let this Papal Visit go to waste.

This is more important than the World Cup.

Do us proud, boys.

We're relying on you. We know you can do it.

Don't look back in years to come and think of what mitre been.


Support our bishops, stop the snipping said…
The papal visit will be a success. If there's one thing that our bishops are good at, it's organisation. The 1982 papal visit was also dogged by problems right up to the last minute but is widely acknowledged as the most successful best organised trip ever. They will do a good job and make us proud.
Leave off them! It's a very complex affair made more difficult by all the chanes in local and national government which has meant no-one was willing to agree anything definatively. It has always been stated that the final timetable was not to be announced to mid-June and that has not changed.
Vesper said…
I can't wait to see the Pope in England!!!! For years we have been supressed, for years English Catholicism has lain quiet. Well now we can celebrate and enjoy the Papal visit!!! Stop knocking it Loz, anyone would think you didn;t want the Pope to visit us!
Seeing the Pope in England on TV or seeing the Pope in England in real life?
Vesper said…
Well I didn't expect him to do a meet and greet with 60 million people, so on TV. The fact of having a nation consecrated by His Holy visit is enough for me
If the 'Shadow of St Peter' falling upon believers were so effective that you just had to be in the same country as him, then none of the poor, sick and lame would have approached him. They'd have just stayed at home.
Anonymous said…
So you are a Catholic who is against the Papal visit right? On what grounds? Because you're not involved? Oh dear, are we not getting enough attention again? You're more important than the Truth? Pathetic
The Papal Visit is wonderful.

The organisation of it is clearly a shambles.
get real!!! said…
miss lozzie darling,
when the trip goes as clockwork and is a big success, you will still find something to moan about it.
Fr. Stephen Brown said…
I share your sentiments, Laurence. And, like you, I'm sure that many graces will come from the visit of the Holy Father.
[Who are these odd people using strange tags instead of names??]
Fr Stephen Brown said…
Probably Communists or gays - they usually knock the Church
'God damn commie bastards.'
Gay Catholic Collective said…
We are not comunist but some are gay/besbian, and all are catholic. Are you saying criticsm of the church is not allowed? Laurence's opinions are not dogma or doctrine and are therefore free to be discussed. Indeed, much of the criticsms are of Laurence and his erroneous views and not the church itself. Pity he does not engage with the arguments presented - he may leran something. Obviously he's a very righteous individual who believes he has all the answers and doesn't have anything to learn from anyone else (or the church's true teachings). Typical closed mind reactionary traddie.
sanabituranima said…
"Typical closed mind reactionary traddie."

Do you not see your own bigotry? Listen to yourself!
take that said…
it's not bigotry, it's based on an analysis of the facts plainly obvious by most of these uneducated postings
6th june bbc report said…
see, you were panicking about nothing...

The Pope's planned papal visit to Coventry is going ahead as planned, the Archdiocese of Birmingham has stressed.

Some reports had suggested that an open-air Mass at the city's airport may be scrapped and a smaller event be held near Birmingham instead.

But an archdiocese spokesman said that is not the case.

Pope Benedict XVI will travel to Coventry airport for the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, a convert to Catholicism.

First visit
Peter Jennings, the archdiocese spokesman, said: "The facts are that the papal visit to Coventry will go ahead on Sunday 19 September as planned."

The mass is expected to start at 1000 BST and last for two hours.

"During that time Pope Benedict XVI will beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman," he added.

The Pope is visiting the country between 16 to 19 September, in what will be the first papal visit to the UK since that of John Paul II in 1982.

you mad traddies are a doom and gloom lot hanging onto unsubstantiated hearsay and conspiracy theories
stop the catholic vandals said…
People who live or work near Coventry Airport may be issued with access permits during the Pope's visit in September, Warwickshire Police said.

It was previously feared that roads in the Baginton area might have to be closed for up to a week for security reasons surrounding the visit.

Coventry City Council said week-long road closures were unnecessary for the one-day visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

He is due to give an open-air service at the airport attended by thousands.

Warwickshire Police said while it may be necessary to close some roads for the duration of the visit, people who lived or worked near the airport with an immediate need to gain access to the area would be given special permits.

Bubbenhall parish councillor Jackie Lloyd said some residents in neighbouring Bubbenhall were so concerned about the potential crowds attracted by the Pope's visit that they had cancelled their holiday to keep an eye on any damage caused to their properties.
Did Damian666 start this rumour too? said…
Businesses affected by the Pope's mass at Coventry Airport have been told they will not get compensation.

Firms in the Baginton area of the city had feared they would have to close for a week for security reasons.

Coventry City Council said that was not the case but there would be no payment for any disruption during the September visit to the UK by Pope Benedict XVI.

He will give an open air service at the airport expected to be attended by thousands of worshippers.

'Not valid'

John McGuigan, the council's director of strategic planning and partnerships, said the final details were still being worked on but there would not be a week-long exclusion zone, as had been rumoured locally.

"I can't believe that we are talking about disrupting that whole area for that period of time, it's just not necessary," he told BBC Coventry & Warwickshire.

But he said there would not be any compensation: "It's a state visit, it's not valid.

"The reality is you might as well forget any major event in this country if you've got to think about compensation because the event would not happen."
Thought Police said…
Come on boys?
Don't you mean men, or do you prefer boys?