Write to Your MP to Support Jim Dobbin's Early Day Motion

Fr Ray Blake has posted on an e-mail he has received concerning an Early Day Motion to be presented by Jim Dobbin MP, expressing concern over Marie Stopes International's cosy relationship with China, a country in which forced abortions, sterilisations and even infanticide outside of the womb are practised routinely.

While Marie Stopes International recently had an advert on Channel 4 promoting their own barbaric answer to pregnancy dilemmas, Ms Bin Lin, the Chinese Family Planning Minister, met the Board of Marie Stopes International to discuss the so-called charity's further involvement in abortion in China and Tibet.

As today's Telegraph story makes abundantly clear, our country has its own crisis relationship with abortion. News is filtering out of Government today that dozens of teenage girls in the UK have had 3 abortions by the age of 17. The article shockingly reveals that...

'Across all ages, more than 1,000 women or girls were on at least their fifth termination, including 214 on their sixth, 70 on their seventh and 48 who underwent the procedure for at least the eighth time.'

To lose one child to abortion is a tragedy. To lose eight children to abortion is a massacre and it is one supported and promoted by the likes of Marie Stopes International. The abortion industry in the UK, which now wishes to advertise its 'service' to the consuming public, repeatedly stresses that it exists in order to promote women's 'reproductive choices', yet Marie Stopes International clearly has absolutely no ethical concerns whatsoever about doing the dirty work of a Chinese Government for whom 'choice' is an alien concept, especially when it comes to the lives of mothers and their unborn chiildren. 

Pictured right is Jim Dobbin MP (Lab). His Early Day Motion reads...

  • That this House notes that Marie Stopes International (MSI), the international abortion provider, listed as a charity, is held in such high regard by official bodies in the UK that it has been permitted to break the law and advertise abortion on national television;
  • further notes it has received millions of pounds from the Chinese government to carry out abortion programmes in China, where the one-child policy has caused untold suffering and misery to millions, including forced abortions and sterilisation with imprisonment for those fighting against the law;
  • further notes as an example a 20-day campaign in April in Puning County, where 9,559 adults were required for compulsory sterilisation with doctors working 20 hours a day to achieve the numbers;
  • further notes that some 1,300 people were confined by force because their relatives refused to submit to the surgery;
  • further notes that Marie Stopes claims to disapprove of force and seeks to discourage it, yet gave a red-carpet welcome in their London headquarters to Ms Lin Bin, Minister of China's National Population and Family Planning Commission, which is responsible for the one-child policy and its implementation;
  • further notes that although MSI sought and achieved enormous publicity for its television advertising it was strangely silent regarding the visit of their honoured guest;
  • further notes this was exposed by Tibet Truth, a human rights organisation protesting about the barbarities inflicted on the people of China and Tibet;
  • and calls on the Government to withdraw its funds from MSI and to take steps to require the cancellation of its television advertising.

Write to your MP and ask him or her to support this Early Day Motion. So far, only 3 MPs have signed the motion. It is vital that our MPs, notorious for stubornly refusing to stand up to the abortion lobbyists in the UK, do take a stand against both Marie Stopes International and the brutal regime in China for whom MSI now appear to work with such enthusiasm. I would appeal to everyone who doubts the validity of this motion to look at this picture of victims of China's one child policy, but, be warned, it is a truly sickening image.


Al Shrimpton said…
Disgusting. Almost as bad as this:


One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church said…
I bet they are all queers and lesbos.
Anonymous said…
Great - so this poor woman has, if your post is to be believed, been forced into an abortion. This abortion is the termination of a dignified person. And you put up a picture of the woman and her dead child. I hope you are pleased with yourself - God's not
The truth about abortion is not pleasant. It is shocking. I hope that the gravity of the situation and the horror of abortion impells all MPs to back Jim Dobbins MP.

I am sorry if it offends you, perhaps you are right that it is bad to link to it, but some people need evidence in order to believe.
Anonymous said…
So what your saying is, the rights justify the wrongs - or put more abstractly; there is no such thing as ABSOLUTE dignity or right, since it can all be violated for the sake of pushing an agenda?? I pity you
Sounds like you don't like the agenda.

I did warn that the image was distrubing and I also said what or rather who the image was of.
Anonymous said…
But the agenda doesn't NEED an image like this. You simply don't trust people to come to an informed decision and so feel the need to make them afraid. Also, what does China's enforced one child policy (the subject of the image) have to do with the petition?? There was some tenuous Marie Stopes connection, but as far as I am aware, the Stopes Foundation is not in support of a one child policy for Britain, nor would it have any political sway in such a decision. You have violated the absolute duty to protect human dignity, which impinges upon all moral agents without qualification, in order to make a convoluted political point based on a fundamental lack of faith in the rationality of Man (and, I might add, the theological fact that men of Free Will can, and do, choose evil over good). Yet somehow you claim the moral high-ground.

50 Rosaries NOW. And don't do it again or you'll go blind
I believe that, given there is such a 'controversy' and 'debate' in this country over this issue, that some people are so blind to the truth over abortion, that yes, perhaps it is necessary that some people appreciate the full scale of the evil which we are confronting here by seeing the photographic image.

It sounds like you find the image offensive not because it depicts a poor woman who has been forced to have an abortion by the Chinese authorities, but because you find the fact that I have used the image to demonstrate my point to be scandalous.

I am quite sure there are lots of people in the UK who think 'one child policy' and then don't go onto imagine the full scale of the mass murder that that policy entails. The UK Government, for instance, don't seem to think it an issue to get too angry about.

You are angry with me. I can't, for the life of me, understand why you are not taking your anger out on Marie Stopes International and the Chinese Government who commit these atrocities day in and day out.

I didn't kill her unborn baby and put it in a yellow bag next to her in a clinic. THEY did! Take your anger at the stripping of the poor woman's dignity out on them, not on some unemployed wanna-be journo who just wants to raise awareness of the slaughter in the vain hope that some of our MPs might just one day 'get it'!
Anonymous said…
Sorry, you don't seem to understand. If I have a gun to your head and say 'murder a child and I will donate $1 billion to an orphanage which will save many babies who would otherwise be aborted', you would probably not murder the child. You would not do so because ends and means are mismatched. Or rather, the desirable end - helping the unborn - does not release you from your other duties. In this case, you have disgraced two living people, stripped them of their dignity, and put it up there for all to see. You have dehumanised humanity.
What ever service you think you have done, you must realise that you have committed an act of Evil. Personally. That is a Sin. Please stop it
Anonymous said…
Rather one living and one dead person. You remind me of the governments that go round putting up pictures of diseased lungs to try to brainwash people into stopping smoking. Thing is with your sort, when soft power doesn't work, you quickly turn even nastier. And if you are prepared to violate absolute moral duties in the service of imagined future ends, that is a dangerous combination indeed. I will pray for you sinner
Well at least one phrase from your rant was worthy of repetition.

'I will pray for you sinner'.

I'll pray for you too. I do hope you are sincere in wanting to pray for me.

Sorry that the post has offended you so much, but I am not sorry for what I have posted.

By the way, I didn't take the photograph that has made you so enraged. Just thought I'd mention that.
sanabituranima said…
I think that image shouldn't be public. That woman has been forced to have an abortion; she is traumatised. She doesn't need what her government has done to her and her poor little baby spread all over the internet. She has the right to grieve in private.

If somebody murdered a member of your family, would you want photos of yu crying over his/her mutilated body all over the internet?
She might want the World to know of the great crime that the Government has done to her. She might want the horror exposed so that the World might know just how evil is the Chinese regime.
The Laurence Heresy said…
She might, but that is her decision. If I took a picture of you engaged in a compromising sexual act, it would be no justification for my publishing it to say 'Laurence might be happy to learn this lesson about sin'. You might, but then that's hardly my decision to make now is it. What we do know for certain is that human dignity is an absolute foundation of all ethics. And violating human dignity, for any reason what so ever, is an absolute evil. There is no room for compromise on matters of absolute duty - you cannot strip a human of its dignity for any reason. That is what abortionists do. They ignore the dignity and personhood of the child in order to claim that a greater evil (inconvenience to the mother) is being prevented.
Ben Trovato said…
I have written to my MP. Have any of the other commenters?