South Africa World Cup 2010 Reality Check

The World Cup kicked off yesterday. This is, officially perhaps, the only time we are allowed to have St George's flags on our houses and cars without being accused of being massive racists, so enjoy this period of national pride while you can.

Over the next few weeks we can look back to 1966 and think of how things used to be, when our national team was good, because, however this current bunch of absurdly paid ballerinas do in this event, let's say, for example, that they actually won it, we know full well that they would only have won it by some flukey last minute piece of accidental brilliance by the lanky centre-forward who upsets defenses because he is tall.

Yet, there appears to be more to this event than just football. The event is taking place in South Africa. Some organisations and individuals will be making absolutely shitloads of money out of the World Cup, meanwhile those who are living on $2 a day are getting shafted good and proper. Rio Ferdinand might be disappointed that he can't be there playing for his country, but at least he isn't eating out of bins. The video above makes the commercial razzmatazz of the World Cup seem more vulgar and grotesque than usual.

Meanwhile, this evening England are taking on USA. So far there's been no gigantic oil spill on the pitch, but BP have been working with the England team on how to produce them during set pieces. England are aware of just how vulnerable the US are to these spills and even the US President, usually so 'cool in a crisis', is crapping his pants, but then, the game currently stands at 1-1 so, let's face it, England's pants are filling too. That's our national team, by the way, not me.

Update: The oil spill tactic backfired...