Why Do Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Defend Abortion?

This is why they want to allay fears over whether or not a 24 week unborn child feels pain during an abortion procedure - because they are advocates of eugenics.

The dreadful and unabating attack on the unborn, in this particular instance known as the 'War on Downs Syndrome Babies and Unborn Babies with Other Abnormalities' is going to intensify.

There will be a lot more abortions in future for 'medical' or even 'cosmetic' purposes. Read this article to find out why. Somehow The Telegraph article makes it all sound so innocent.

We are not stupid. We know why this research is being conducted. We know why these blood tests are wanted by both sections of the public and the medical authorities. We know that this is about the 'screening out' of imperfect babies. We know that this is Nazism through the back door of the local hospital. This article says nothing about abortion, or even 'termination' and yet it is so obvious that abortion is exactly what the article is about!

Read John Smeaton's analysis. The press coverage of this news is sickening.


Philharmonium said…
N.B., I think the correct form of the noun/adjective is 'eugenist' rather than 'eugenicist'. Both are recorded in the dictionary, but the first has the advantage of one less syllable and conforms to the rules for modifying foreign words; since 'eugenic' ends in 'ic' you chop off that ending to place the modifier 'ist' rather than simply adding the modifier over the top. It's a bit like calling a scientist a 'scienceist' otherwise!
pelerin said…
You mention the Telegraph makes it all sound so innocent. The Mail today comments that the new test 'could save the lives of hundreds of unborn babies each year.' No mention of those babies who will be killed following this 'safer' test. A twisted logic indeed.