Everything You Need to Know About Diane Abbott

 From the Parliamentary Functions and Events pdf published in the wake of the MPs expenses scandal.

Abbott, Diane

Womans Right to Abortion in Northern Ireland
Dining Room B

Enough said.


Anonymous said…
At which she pointed out that, as part of the United Kingdom, the country ought to fall under the common law which made provision of abortion legal according to the terms of the Abortion Act 1967. As a matter of legal interpretation her point was faultless (if grammatically incorrect - it's 'women's', Diane)
Abortion is not wanted, overwhelmingly, in Northern Ireland. To assert such law there would be an insult to the people.
Physiocrat said…
At least she is not yet campaigning on a woman's duty to abortion.
Well, I'm uncommonly chatty today.
Take a look at this article in the Guardian, "comment is free".
Comment is not actually free, at least not for the very articulate pro life commenter Ros Power, who gets many of her comments deleted by the moderators.
sanabituranima said…
Anonymous is right.Women in Northern Irland have a legal right to abortion. The fact that it's an insult to the country doesn't make it not so. Abortion is an insult to the whole human species, and to God, but that doesn't change the fact that women have a right to it under UK law. Nobody hs the moral right to directly kill an innocent human, but they do sometimes have the legal right to do so.

Having said that, I doubt that what drives her is a pernickety devotion to the letter of the law. She probably believes in a moral right to kill the unborn. :(
Anonymous said…
sanabituranima; thank you for understanding. My own position on abotion is ambivalent - I am not yet decided. I understand this puts me outside the tradosphere. But I also understand that a lot of legislative appeals in Northern Ireland stopped thugs disrupting Catholic comminities' right to self-assembly. We cannot simply break the law when it suits us, and - as the transcript of Ms. Abbott's speach makes abundantly clear - 'legalism' is a very powerful tool when faced with those who wish to push an agenda. My basic point would be: if you wish to see something understood as criminal (be it abortion or Catholic assembly) then make the rightful petition and pursue due legal course, do not simply lambast the law - you never know, you might just get what you wish for - a lawless society in which your own views are criminalised
3 gay priests come out of closet said…
Vatican spokesmen were silent today after a show of solidarity by 3 English Priests who finally came out of the closet and paraded about Westminster clothed in habits.

The mincing, hip swaying circus clogged traffic at the intersection of Old Queens Street and Cockpit Steps, as the cross dressing trio emerged from taking a pint at The Two Chairman, and headed off purposely to The Feathers where they proposed to ruffle even yet more of the public's sensibilities.

One now liberated priest, an Irishman with pallid skin, twinkly eyes and ruddy cheeks, waved occasionally to the gawking onlookers while another puffed contentedly on a cigar, and the third sipped unabashedly from a hidden liquid in what looked suspiciously like the Shroud of Turin or more likely a brown paper bag from Tesco.

The Vatican, usually quick to respond to perceived slurs on the sexuality of Church Staffers, said Pope Benedict XVI would issue a statement soon.

His Holiness was said to be in special confession with former US Journalist Helen Thomas discussing the "Jewish Situation" and couldn't be disturbed.

Thomas, who arrived last night, is said to be trying to broker a proposal to resettle Jews from Israel in either Sicily, or Westphalia, where the Pope still has relatives and there is plenty of Liebestraum.

President Obama has distanced himself from the potential controversy saying that Thomas is much like former President Jimmy Carter, traveling as an ambassador without portfolio to help clear up world problems.

An altar boy traveling with the trio identified the three as priests 'formerly known as Father Charley, Father Joe, and Father Frank,' who had undertaken new vows as 'Sister Charlene, Sister Josephine, and Sister Francine.'

The young spokesman, obviously in awe of the spectacle, said the three told him they were off for 'one last toot' before 'getting themselves off to a nunnery where they hoped to be involved in the wine industry as 'tasters.'