England Still Stand a Chance...

But we're going to need more Rosaries than that to win the World Cup.


football aversive said…
I'm surprised you like football Laurence. I thought gays didn't like team sports or 'macho' culture, or is that stereotyping? Is it something you have become more interested in since you have become celibate?
I've always liked football. As the years have gone on I've become more dispassionate about it. Following a team begins to get a bit tedious.

Following events and all news Catholic is more interesting!

Perhaps its just because Arsenal's glory years are behind them.
My husband, an Archway boy, brought me to see his beloved Gooners once.
Bored the pants off me.
Could I... be gay?
I don't know, it depends if you like opera and theatre and stuff like that as well.
Venus said…
Clare, you're definately a lesbian. The rules are opposite for females. Bet you've got hairy legs and chest too111
David Beckham's legs said…
I bet you can't kick a ball straight!
Ballbuster United said…
Do you really like football, or do you just like the idea of football?
Pussy Lover said…
Laurence, did you saying folowing arse(nal) became a bit boring for you?
I see that Legends, one of Brighton's biggest gay venues is screening the big match tonight.

So much for stereotypes.