The Horrifying Scandal of IVF Abortions

The Times has a shocking article on post IVF abortions...

'Dozens of young women are having abortions on the NHS after expensive IVF treatment because they have changed their minds about becoming a mother.

Some terminate pregnancies after splitting from their husband or boyfriend, others because they were pressured into starting a family. The phenomenon is worrying doctors and has triggered a backlash from family campaigners who accuse the women of treating babies like “designer goods”.

Data obtained from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority reveal that an average of 80 abortions are carried out in England Wales and Scotland each year following IVF treatment. Up to half of these involve prospective mothers aged 18-34.

These women — usually the healthiest — are the least likely to conceive babies with abnormalities, suggesting a “social” reason may have led to the decision.

Fertility specialists expressed shock at the figures. “I had no idea there were so many post-IVF abortions — and each one is a tragedy,” said Professor Bill Ledger, a member of the authority.'


Fr Mildew said…
Resignations of clerics. The Irish born Archbishop Richard Burke, head of the Nigerian Diocese of Benin City has resigned after admitting the abuse of a lady when she was a minor. They have known each other for many years now. Sadly too, in Brentwood Diocese, Fr Glynn, well known hymn writer who wrote "I watched the Sunrise" a very popular hymn which even I like, has now left the ministry to take unto himself a wife.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to them both on finding love
pattif said…
Am I on the wrong thread, here? I thought it was about IVF abortions.

I feel for women who, for one reason or another can't conceive (for 10 years, I thought I was one), but I cannot understand any woman attempting IVF. Never mind the invasiveness of the treatment, and the uncertain success rate, the destruction of 'surplus' human beings at the embryonic stage is simply unacceptable. It is only a small step from seeing these deaths as offset by a woman/couple's 'right' to a child to deciding that the unborn child is no longer required.

What sort of country have we become that taxpayers are expected to pay for this?

The HFEA must be abolished without further ado, since it is demonstrably unable to exercise any regulatory function worthy of the name.
Anonymous said…
a woman will do anything in two situations: when she does, or does not want a baby. If she can't conceive, I think it is perfectly reasonable that a woman would want to go through IVF. After all, when a woman falls in love she wants to carry her partner's child - it is only natural. I guess you don't feel this, but believe me, it is the strongest force there is
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