When Pope Paranoia Sets In...

Pope Francis today on scandal with notable decrease in papal insults..

"But are we ashamed? So many scandals that I do not want to mention individually, but all of us know...We know where they are! Scandals, some who charged a lot of money.... The shame of the Church! But are we all ashamed of those scandals, of those failings of priests, bishops, laity? Where was the Word of God in those scandals; where was the Word of God in those men and in those women? They did not have a relationship with God! They had a position in the Church, a position of power, even of comfort. But the Word of God, no! 'But, I wear a medal,' ‘I carry the Cross ' ... Yes, just as those bore the Ark! Without the living relationship with God and the Word of God! I am reminded of the words of Jesus about those for whom scandals come ... And here the scandal hit: bringing decay (it: decadenza) to the people of God, including (it: fino alla) the weakness and corruption of the priests."

While now probably isn't a pleasant time to be a priest in terms of what the Pope has to say about you (especially all you "butterfly priests" out there, you!) I guess that its really quite important that Pope Francis implores us to renew our relationship with the Lord God and recommends us to always be searching for the Lord's face. However, if anyone comes and tries to confiscate my Miraculous Medal or Brown Scapular off me, I'll be ready for you. Oh yes! I don't own an alsatian, but if I hear people are confiscating Miraculous Medals, I will do!

If you want my Miraculous Medal, you will have to get past 'Maximillian'

"Maximillian! Here boy! Heel!"

I wear my medal because Our Lady promised graces to those who wear it and who desire to be faithful to her Son and I need all the Grace I can get my paws on. I wear it as it is a pledge of her maternal protection of me and my immortal soul. It is not a replacement for a living relationship with 'God and the Word of God', of course, but 'ain't nobody taking my medal from me'. Nobody! I might add, I wonder what percentage of priestly abusers were habitual wearers of the Miraculous Medal of Our Blessed Lady, or devotees of the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, enrolled in that society. Let me guess now...

I might add also, there is scandal (or at least I am scandalised) in what certainly appears to be unjust treatment meted out to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

Any word from Rome on when the persecution will end? I hear that they need a permit to do more or less anything but breathe and I am still waiting for the 'exclusive interview' with Pope Francis in which His Holiness's thoughts are made plain on the matter. I'm still hoping, too, that word will come through on the relaxation of the Volpi rule on the FFI. Any day now...

It is ironic that the Holy Father should do down the use of Sacramentals in the life of the Christian when the Order being torn down by his commissioner, Fr Volpi, wears large Miraculous Medals, so that they may be assisted by the grace of God to be devoted and truly consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Franciscan Friars and Nuns of the Immaculate: Behold, the wearers of medals!


philipjohnson said…
same here !my miraculous medal is with me always and graces from heaven are sought by its efficacy.this pope worries me!!philip johnson.
Liam Ronan said…
I wonder, Bones, if the Pope was referencing those mentioned in this piece published today in The Mail Online: "Pope Francis fires all but one cardinals who run Vatican bank just 11 months into their five-year term"?

I wonder how many of those involved in scandal really did wear a "medal." If they were bishops they certainly wore a "cross" but the medal has definitely been out of fashion for non-traditional Catholics for decades now.
Leo Alba said…
I don't know about you, but Pope Francis really is sweeping out all the dirt from the Church. The old dusty Burke who marches with pro-Culture of Life Catholics, the new shiny Nichols who tells opponents of the Soho Masses to shut up. With his strong and clear message Pope Francis and the Francis effect have already started to draw back into the fold all those nominal Catholics who've stayed away from the Church for so long. He's even managed to get a reform of the wayward Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate underway. Now all we need is a repeal of Summorum Pontificum and the expulsion from the seminaries of all those Benedict XVI loving seminarians and the Church will be saved. Viva il Papa. Viva la Chiesa. Viva the 1970s.
victoria said…
Thanks, Bones, for reminding us that our medals and scapulars are part of the Tradition of Faith of the Catholic Church

God Bless,

viterbo said…
'I wonder what percentage of priestly abusers were habitual wearers of the Miraculous Medal of Our Blessed Lady, or devotees of the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, enrolled in that society.'

Excellent point. Devotion ('scuse such an unpleasant word), tends to pour water on the flames of perdition.

All these incessant public insinuations, can he get through a talk, homily, public appearance without insinuating that the most evil people alive are Catholics? It is interesting that he mentioned the money first.

'So many scandals that I do not want to mention individually'. But Holy Father, there was a book published (Pope Francis, converstations) last year in which you said, “I often say that the only glory we have, as St Paul says (?!?), is that of being sinners…That’s why for me, sin is not a stain I need to clean.” 'we', the sheeple, or maybe only just me, a sheep, need you to explain.

is it a sin to ignore the Pope in a sort of three monkeys way?
JB said…

he's talking about cartel members who wear medals to make themselves feel good. i think?

otherwise, i have nothing good to say about this guy.
viterbo said…
Could he have really said that? I asked myself? I went to the source:

'That’s why, for me, sin is not a stain I need to clean. What I must do is ask for forgiveness and reconcile myself to it, not go to the dry cleaner around the corner. I need to go and find Jesus , who gave His life for me. This is an idea that is quite different from sin...sin properly assumed is the privileged place of personally finding Jesus Christ our Savior, of rediscovering the deep meaning that He has for me. In short, it is the possibility to live the wonder of having been saved.'

But, I read the out of context quote and believed he could have said that, and MEANT exactly that. How man others will?

JB said…

"Oh but I wear a medal.."

Who says this? I jus don't get what planet the man is on at this point. The constant ridiculing. The straw men. And most recently, making doubt and sin some kind of badge of honor and vogue in the life of a Christian. I've heard it all before in the 70s and 80s.
ATDP said…
Something to add to the throwaway culture? Money to corporate firms?

Anonymous said…
The most notorious insult to date (thankfully) doesn't appear on your list.

But having posted about the Carmelite scapular and the Miraculous Medal today, I wonder if you have considered posting about the Communion of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of the First Five Saturdays, requested by Our Lord, for offences and blasphemies against Our Blessed Lady.

(Sadly, I believe it is no longer possible for anyone to make this Reparation in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore by attending the Mass of ages.)
Nicolas Bellord said…
For me the point of having medals, scapulars, crucifixes etc around one is a constant reminder of God's presence and thus a deterrent to sin
Nicolas Bellord said…
Anyone wanting to support the FFI should make a note of this:

On Saturday 25th January at the Day with Mary, Westminster Cathedral there will be:

9:45 Procession of Our Lady of Fatima, Angelus and Crowning of Statue, Sung Litany
10:30 Mass with the Cathedral Choir
11:30 Consecration of the Parish to the Immaculate (Good grief, does Father Volpi know about this?)
Five Joyful Mysteries
12:15 Lunch
1:20 Exposition and Procession of the Blessed Sacrament
Sermon on Our Lady by Father Marcus Holden
Meditations on the Passion. Silent Adoration.
The five Glorious Mysteries. Act of consecration. Benediction
Enrolments in the Brown Scapular and Miraculous Medal
Outdoor Procession of Our Lady of Fatima from Cathedral to Cathedral Hall Does this count as a flash mob?
Confessions throughout the day.

Usually several Franciscans Sisters of the Immaculate help with the organisation of these days and will be in attendance as possibly one of the Friars.

Be there! Make it happen!
Bemused said…
Maybe we just need "a lesson in Franciscan contextualization of highly loaded moral issues."

Liam Ronan said…
Ahhh! I am slow, Bones. 'Maximillian'...Kolbe indeed. Good doggie.