Evangelii Gaudium

A Brighton based poor person has put in a request for a digibox and television. In the olden days paupers would request things like food and money. Now, they want all the mod cons. If you want to assist, or you have decided to throw away Satan's Lantern, or simply are fed up of paying the licence fee, let me know.

He also wants clean pants and some trousers (size 30" waist) and a mobile phone. Email me at englandsgardens@googlemail.com if you want to help.


Lynda said…
I'd like a new TV. The one I have is old, very old fashioned, with a bulging back, taking up too much space. I'd also like a computer, preferably a laptop. Perhaps you could help me with my mortgage as I can't pay it? Thanks.
viterbo said…
does this mean the vetus middle-class are now the novus poor?

what does that make the vetus poor?