Courtesy of The Catholic Herald, some new insults for the collection today...

“The Church is full of defeated Christians who don’t believe in this, that the faith is victorious.”

“I believe in one God, I believe in Jesus, I believe … But do I believe in what I’m saying,” the Pope asked or are people just reciting from memory, repeating what’s being said “like parrots”, or saying it only because it has to be recited?

“There are many Christians with watered-down hope, not strong but weak”, because “they don’t have the courage to entrust themselves to the Lord.”

"Defeated Christian!"

"Creed-reciting parrot Christian!"

"Watered-down weak-hoped Christian!" 

Somehow we have to find a middle path between being "triumphalist Christians" and Christians who "do not believe that the faith is victorious".


mary piper said…
You appear intent on taking Francis's words out of context. he clearly uses these phrases in a descriptive way to illustrate a point.
Martin Herris said…
The Faith is Victorious,if we make it so,by upholding it daily,without equivocation,ambiguity,or strange remarks about those who offer Rosaries.
Bemused said…
I just read the full article at the link and I wonder, he is so quick to diagnose the spiritual weaknesses of others, but does he ever act as a helpful guide to lead us to courage, to faith?

It's very easy to tune out someone who only criticizes and is never offering to help.
Joe Potillor said…
The hits keep on word verification was destruction, hmmm
viterbo said…
I agree, Mary, he wants to illustrate a point, that most 'defeated christian parrots' aren't good enough to lick his black boots.

Francis dictionary:

defeated - people I can't stand no matter how much they love God and God loves them.

Christian - something that only I can define as the mood takes me.

parrot - anybody who's words are considered.

The psychological warfare continues. the war of attrition of the look how confident in the Lord I am (this from a man who was promoting doubt as a virtue not so long ago).

I think he's got a calendar where at least once a month he must steal the faith of the faithful and give it to the devil.

Just an opinion. But if he was my dad, I think I might have run away from home by now.
Fr Mark said…
Well if you're freaking out about these minor things, you're going to have a total break-down with this news....

....the new missal translation is to be reviewed following numerous complaints!
The Bones said…

Do you have any other links to such news?
The Bones said…

Do you have any other links to such news?
Lynda said…
The thing that is so wrong is that the Pope gives out about things and people that aren't a significant issue, are not against the fundamentals of Faith or morals, while on the other hand, generally ignores or appears to encourage the greatest evils and the greatest threats to our souls and the good of Holy Mother Church. Have you read Mario Palmaro's recent cri de coeur which speaks so well for the anguish being suffered by all Catholics wholly faithful to the full Deposit of the Faith. There's a translation at Rorate Coeli.
Your "little book"-collection grows and grows:

And how damaging to the Church are smarmy priests! Those who put their strength in artificial things, in vanity, in an attitude... in a cutesy language... But how often do we hear it said with sorrow: ‘This is a butterfly-priest,’ because they are always vain... [This kind of priest] does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ! He has lost the unction: he is smarmy.”

Text from page
of the Vatican Radio website
Fr Mark said…
I don't have any more links, but I do have other information which unfortunately I can't share at the moment

Those curial officials under Benedict who abused their power are going to have their actions judged by the wider college of bishops - transparency will expose their wrong doing.