Monday, 6 January 2014

There are few things more Promethean than...

Presuming to receive Holy Communion in the hand, aka, 'God-grabbing'.

The unordained presuming to touch the Sacred, Most Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Presuming that Baptism, reception of Holy Communion and membership of the One True Church are no longer necessary for Salvation.

Presuming or imagining that by the whim of man's desire, the truth expressed by the Magisterium can 'change' to the degree that morality and belief no longer mean the same thing as they did for everyone else in Church history.

Presuming to receive Holy Communion not in a State of Grace, thereby committing sacrilege.

Presuming that Almighty God has sanctioned a revolutionary understanding in the sacred liturgy by reference to a vague 'spirit', like that of Vatican II.

Presuming to spread new interpretations of the Church's teachings that have no basis whatsoever in the writings of the Saints, Doctors of the Church, Church Fathers of the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Presuming that a Communion plate is no longer needed when distributing Holy Communion to safeguard the Eucharist and any precious fragments, each one of which is the Lord God.

Presuming that the words of Our Lord on various matters concerning morality and belief 'should not be taken literally'.

Presuming that by virtue of the high Office which you occupy in the Church established by Our Lord, that this gives you liberty to alter on a personal whim those customs, rules and norms followed by your predecessors because you have been handed 'absolute power' and the Office that you fill is now your 'possession', as well as the Church handed into your care.

Presuming that the Church's ancient use of Gregorian Chant is no longer suitable music to be sung in the liturgy.

Presuming to use white vestments or a white Altar frontal at a funeral, without the solemnity such an event demands, with a sense that we should pray for the dead, because 'everyone goes to Heaven'.

Presuming that everybody shall be saved, including those of other religions not attached to the True Vine or that Hell is empty.

Presuming that God will give you a favourable judgment upon Death.

Can anyone else think of various activities and trends taking place within the 21st century Catholic Church which are distinctly 'Promethean'?

Prometheanism is really about unholy presumption - presuming that that which is sacred and holy ,which is not yours, is, or can be, or will be, solely by virtue of your own will, without any reference to the Divine will made known in His Holy Church, guided by the Holy Spirit.


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

presumptions against kneeling to receive Our Lord - presuming the superiority of late and local custom of standing and handling.

presumptions against consecrated hands - presuming that peace shakes are more important than the sacred.

presumptions that piety makes for unnice pretend catholics - presuming that casual equals holy.

there's more but it won't be any revelation.

Supertradmum said...

One of the good things is that the younger priests in SOME dioceses are rebelling against these heretical ideals. At least in the States, there is a real movement back to the basics of the Faith. And, if you would compare the Catholic media of today with articles ten years ago, you would see a huge sea change-the number of orthodox people writing has grown exponentially. Sadly, the English (and Welsh and Scottish) Catholic Church is stuck in the 1980s with feel-good religion.

Of course, this will end when churches close because of the lack of vocations.

We need strong Catholic families to produce strong Catholic men who will respond to the remnant Church.

The acceptance of Pelagianism and universal salvation among the laity must be addressed. And, what people need are some good old-fashioned hell-fire and brimstone sermons. Some will go to hell for laxity. I see the divide here clearly-as the remnant gets stronger and the unorthodox fall away entirely.

Celia said...

Presuming that your individual 'conscience' overrides the Magisterium of the Church.

Presuming that you don't need the sacrament of Confession. Ever.

Presuming not so much that Hell is empty as that you know who's there-Hitler and paedophiles usually- and who won't be-my wonderful self, because I'm nice and God is too caring to worry about old-fashioned concepts like sin.

Presuming that complete strangers halfway across a large church would much rather be accosted by your sign of peace half way through the 'Agnus Dei' than concentrate on the Mass. No. sorry, that's just bad manners. Or are they pelagian too?

Lynda said...

At the Epiphany Mass I got to this evening, the New Age type priest (in his 80s) expects everyone to receive Our Lord, whilst he told us all were saved. He never mentioned Confession or necessity of being in a state of grace.

Nosce te ipsum said...

On your first point: "Presuming to receive Holy Communion in the hand, aka, 'God-grabbing'."

You seem to be claiming that early Christians (including at least one Saint) had an "unholy presumption" when they received Holy Communion in the hand.

"That, in the early Church, the faithful stood when receiving into their hands the consecrated particle can hardly be questioned...

St. Dionysius of Alexandria, writing to one of the popes of his time, speaks emphatically of "one who has stood by the table and has extended his hand to receive the Holy Food" (Eusebius, Church History VII.9)."

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

I think the post VII innovations acted like a war of attrition on the spiritual muscles of the catholics of a certain age. if they had to carry the weight of the awesomeness of God, of how frightening an angel is, how casual they've become in the Real Presence of the King of Kings (the archbishop of Canterbury would certainly be treated as if he were more special), let alone the possibility of pointed off with goats on that Day, they might never get out of bed again. it takes guts to believe the Truth. it takes awe to pray with it, and it takes the height of sacramental nourishment to live it. now I know this is not presumptuous.

Lynda said...

Bishop Athanasius Schneider explains the history of the reception of the Blessed Eucharist. People would prostrate themselves and their hands would be purified and they would not pick up the Sacred Host but have it placed on the palm whence it was taken directly in the mouth. Fingers never touched the Host.

Lepanto said...

Nosce, you should get the real story, see Bishop Athanasius Schneider explain the ancient custom of receiving in the hand. The left hand NEVER touched the Host which was regarded as sacrilegious, it was consumed directly from the cupped right hand.

Nosce te ipsum said...

Linda, Lepanto

I take your comments on board. In my opinion Bones needed to qualify his point making it clear that he was referring to receiving with unclean hands, or in the left hand or of picking up the Sacred Host with the fingers.

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