Wow...Just Wow...

From the people who brought you the introduction to an ethical debate on infanticide, prepare yourself for...

Raanon Gillon: Medical Ethicist

And there were we thinking that, under the Liverpool Care Pathway, we were already starving and dehydrating dementia patients without their or their families consent.

Refreshingly honest for an ethicist. Why can't politicians just come right out and say it as well?

Elderly people, terminally ill and those suffering with dementia are expensive to treat and nourish, so let's kill them by starving and dehydrating them to death.

You don't have to believe in the message of Fatima or be wary of Agenda 21 to see that the opinions publicised in the BMJ are becoming entirely predictable.


Spirit of Vatican II said…
Dear Laurence,

You need a link to the original, unedited piece. This is a hugely important issue but the presentation of the facts leaves you - and anyone who cites you or the site to which you have linked - open to the accusation of selective quotation. You're also not helping yourself by illustrating the piece with a year old copy of the British Medical Journal. To fight these mendacious acts we need to be calm and we need to be clear, we cannot leave ourselves open to the accusation of hysteria, deception or fantasy.