That Olympics Opening Ceremony: The Message

Britain's history really starts with the industrial revolution. 

We'd rather forget about its Christian heritage before we stepped in. Don't worry, we'll deal with that.

The architects of this revolution were heroes in top hats. These were rich men. 

Prior to this Britain was built upon family life in a rural 'green and pleasant land'.

We tore this up.

We turned people into economic cogs in a massive industrial machine.

We gave the World the Beatles, the Stones, David Bowie, the NHS, the doctrine of multiculturalism and unbridled war.

We destroyed your idyll, ripped up the family and atomised the entire society.

You now know this as 'progress'.

But we gave you the internet and now you have a lot of fun, internet and can share images with your friends on your mobile phones.

We are the Freemasons.

The past, the present and the future belong to us.

Thank you.

Enjoy the games. 


Amfortas said…
You're obsessed with the Freemasons. Get a grip! Pray the Rosary. Read the Scriptures. Swallow the Catechism. Do anything but please stop obsessing about the Freemasons. Your blog is starting to read like a Dan Brown novel.
Physiocrat said…
Didn't see it. Nothing at all about Christian heritage?

Where is your evidence it was the men with a rolled-up trouser leg? It could have been the lizards, you know. Or even lizards with a rolled-up trouser leg.
Gloria from seaford said…
There was plenty about our christain heritage, the opening sequence included all four countries of the uk singing a hymn (Jeruaselem, Guide me O thou great redeemer etc). The memorial sequence also included Abide with me. What exactly were you looking for? Danny Boyle is also a catholic and almost entered the seminary.
anthony said…
Danny Boyle is lapsed now, but Frank Cottrell Boyce (author of Millions) who was the main writer for the Olympics and is practicing as far as I know, comments that Danny Boyle has a "Catholic sense" and that was brought to the ceremonies. Article here.
Anonymous said…
God Bless the Beatles and the Queen but more importantly the over 600 martyrs who died for the faith including St. Thomas More and Thomas Belchiam.
Veritas said…
Not all men with top hats are Freemasons!

One of the most prominent figures in the Olympics Opening Ceremony was the Catholic Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

In 2002, Brunel was placed second in a BBC public poll to determine the "100 Greatest Britons".

Brunel was the son of Sir Marc Isambard Brunel - who had studied in a Junior Seminary in his native Normandy but had fled France because of his Royalist and Catholic sympathies at the time of the French Revolution.
The Bones said…
Nothing to bar a Catholic becoming a freemason.

Well, no problems from the lodge, but the Church Herself forbids it.