The Seekers

I've been madly busy recently and have had to take a break from blogging. Long-term readers will be gladdened to hear I've even had a couple of job interviews, but I haven't heard back from them yet. Secretly, I'm glad I haven't heard back from them yet, but that's because I was reminded of my old days as a data-entry clerk. I'm sure there's some white martyrdom to be gained in being a data-entry clerk.

I drove a friend up to Birmingham in the week who has decided to try his vocation with the Oratory. Pray for him, he is a fine young man, full of faith. He was the MC at St Mary Magdalen's Church and had an almost Roger Federer-esque unflappability - a presence of calm in what could be liturgical chaos - on the Sanctuary that quite frankly was not there before. I really hope and pray things go well in his vocation at the Oratory. If they do then the Church will have gained a holy Priest or Brother in the service of God and the Birmingham Faithful.

There's obviously been a lot to blog about recently, but I've forgotten most of it. I've tried writing a blogpost on the potential dangers of the Government micro-chipping us with RFID chips. If I can write it without it sounding like I believe in lizards which are actually humans then I'll post it up. Basically, it all hinges on the fact that the company developing implantable micro-chips for human beings in the United States developed a sub-dermal device called VeriChip which can store all the data required for a human being to be tracked by GPS, to have their healthcare details scanned and to, wait for it, 'buy and sell goods'.

I was reminded of this fact because I was in Sainsbury's buying some chicken kievs when I looked at the debit card machine only to see the word 'Verifone' on the keypad.

So, I did some research on this controversial area of biotech research and saw, to my surprise, that the FDA in the US gave approval for this technology to be used in patients in the US in 2004. There was, incidentally, a part of the Affordable Healthcare Act which mentioned a implantable device which could be mandated in citizens, but according to t'internet HR3200 or whatever didn't get passed by Congress, so US citizens can relax...for now...

Applied Digital Solutions, the parents company of Digital Angel, responsible for the development of the 'human chip' have been trying to flog this product since 2000 AD with unlimited success for pets, products and livestock, but limited success for human purposes. Applied Digital Solutions themselves boast on their website of the possible human applications of this technology for government and authorities, as well as healthcare purposes.

Of course, you'll have to forgive me if I sound veri mad, but it is veri concerning that you buy your goods from the shops by a company bearing the 'VeriFone' logo, you buy stuff from the web using the 'VeriSign' security of Paypal and in the US and in Europe you can be given a 'VeriChip' by which you can use a  method of 'VeriPay' in the future by a company offering a service called 'VeriMed' for healthcare. It looks like they've got 'human apps' covered and they see the markets increasing in the next few years.

Lovely voice that lady from The Seekers. If anyone in Government starts talking about the possibility of human beings being implanted with microchips then you'll know the liberal carnival ushered in by the 1960s is well and truly over.

I did meet someone in Brighton's London Road relatively recently. He was going around selling these DVDs trying to raise awareness of the micro-chipped human future in all its Orwellian gore. He lived in a van somewhere on the outskirts of town with an inbuilt wood stove. I certainly hope and pray that the derided prophet was a truly false one and that Western Governments aren't contemplating this kind of thing. But, if you're a Londoner and you've got one of those Oyster cards and you don't want Big Brother knowing where you are, then just follow this man's instructions in how to remove the RFID facility from your travel pass. RFID chip! How did that get in there!?


Spirit of Vatican II said…
Do you ever think that the reason you obtain so few job interviews is that potential employers may have seen your conspiratorial ramblings on this blog? Or do you save the invective for the interview? Why don't you embrace the full Evangelical reading of future-history and tie the micro-chipping to the Anti-Christ? I assume you are in communion with the anti-Catholic cohort in America because of your reference to the Affordable Health Care Act. I assume Obama is a Socialst Muslim as well. Good luck falling for the next hoax.
The Bones said…
It seems the expert in invective is you, sir.

Still, that's the spirit of Vatican II for you.