State Employed Thug Found Not Guilty

Courtesy of the BBC

'Ian Tomlinson timeline:

1 April 2009: Ian Tomlinson is caught up in a G20 protest. He collapses in the street and dies.

4 April: Police say post-mortem examination show he died of "natural causes".

7 April: Video footage emerges of Mr Tomlinson being pushed to the ground by police officer

April 2009: Further post-mortem tests find cause of death was abdominal bleeding, caused by blow

22 July: Prosecutors say there will be no charges as there is no agreement on death cause

3 May 2011: Inquest verdict of unlawful killing

20 June 2011: PC Simon Harwood charged with manslaughter after review of inquest evidence

18 June 2012: PC Harwood goes on trial at Southwark Crown Court

19 July 2012: PC Harwood found not guilty Timeline: Ian Tomlinson's death'.

Message to British public: The police can kill you and be let off. So don't try anything on. We're not here to protect you. We're here to protect the powerful and the powerful will protect us.


Pillsbury said…
It was a jury of 12 punters off the street, not the "powerful"....don`t you understand the system of trial by jury?
And i am also unhappy about it, but the Prosecution needed to prove causation.
Russell said…
It was a jury verdict.
Patricius said…
In all fairness, it looks more like cock-up than conspiracy.