I apologise for the post that appeared here. It appears that I have fallen for a hoax email concerning persecution of the Church in India.

That said, as one commenter said, the Chuch is persecuted in India, so pray for the persecuted Church in India and around the World.


Lynda said…
Thank you. Could you put a "share" option on this post. Dear Lord, protect our suffering brothers and sisters! St Michael, the Archangel defend them!
Anonymous said…
I think you mean Hindu and not Buddhist extremists... I offered my prayer.
jadis said…
Dear Laurence

It appears this may be a dreadful hoax that has been doing the rounds since 2010.


Of course prayers would not be wasted, as the Church in India is undergoing persecution.
Anonymous said…
Hello, Lawrence

I'm afraid you have been a victim of hoax e-mail. My BIL is a priest in the Diocese of Dibrugarh and confirmed that Olisabang does not exist, when queried at the time this e-mail circulated in 2008(?). I am also a former Canossian student (OLRCA- Our Lady of the Rosary Canossian Academy) and would have received direct notice from our international alumni network as with regards to the fate of Fdcc nuns. As far as we have been informed there were isolated incidents in Canossian schools in India. But these were from Hindus and over matters concerning admission policies relating to exclusion of non-Catholic students.

God bless
Anonymous said…
this is a hoax. Google 'olisabang' and you will see. We must pray however for persecuted Christians in Asia/Middle East
fr. A.M. said…
What are the Indian local and national governments doing about all this ? It is appalling.
Fr. A.M. said…
And pleased be assured of my prayers.
Konstantin said…
God bless the Church in India, suffering so much persecution. Let's pray it will bring forth much fruit!