Our Blessed Lady Will Destroy the Masonic Reign of Terror

Fr Paul Kramer is worth listening to, no matter what people say about him and the messengers of Our Lady of Fatima. I think he is right that we are not far from WW3 and it looks like either China agree with him near totally or the State TV station enacts its various fantasies about global destruction out in their sports commercials. Chill out, China! It was only a football tournament and you weren't even taking part!
Some people find Fr Paul a bit scary but I'd take him over the guy below...Love the bit where the psycho Mason says, 'Well, that was quite an overview!' Yes, it was, thanks for that! If the video below is a fake, then its an impressive fake. He's got those really frightening eyes down to a tee.


Amfortas said…
Gnosticism, all gnosticism, along with all the other endtimes, world government prophecy that fills the airwaves. Stick to the truth of divine revelation and you won't go far wrong.
The Bones said…
That's an interesting way of looking at it, Amfortas.

But what is the Church fighting, when She is fighting masonry but gnosticism?

How can She alert the Church and the World to the dangers of the gnosticism of the freemasons?

If a satanic sect woven together by a secret society that penetrates nearly every realm of human activity is operating to destroy the Church, the family and society, then how can it be exposed and be brought into the light without some kind of revelation or help from God.

It cannot, since these men work in secret behind closed doors. As far as I see, then, the message of Our Lady of Fatima is a warning from Heaven itself, alerting the Church to the implacability, malice and deviousness of Her enemies.

Without the help of Our Lady and the vision of Fatima, we would never begin to comprehend the nature of the evil which the World now faces.
Amfortas said…
Did Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev exchange a masonic handshake? The internet is full of this sort of nonsense and we should not fall for it. Yes, freemasonry is a kind of gnosticism and yes it has had a pernicious influence. But I don't buy the idea of a worldwide conspiracy. Perhaps I'm naive but neither do I believe there is a worldwide conspiracy led by Jewish Bolshevik bankers.
The Bones said…
"He who controls the money supply controls the nation."

The race, religion or even beliefs of those powerful families to whom the world is literally indebted is far less important than the Masonic system through which their operations meet with success. For example, a lot of orthodox Jews find Zionism to be repulsive and irreconcilable with the Torah.
Nicholas Dyson said…
Isnt Fr Kramer a sedvacantist
Gloria said…
Fr Kramer is not in good standing with the church so you shouldn't be taking any notice of his extreme crackpot ideas.
Amfortas said…
You only have to Google his name to get a sense of the heretical nonsense posing as Catholicism you can find on the web. Novus Ordo is a masonic plot, etc.
Jimin Kang said…
Whilst I find the idea of N.O. being some sort of sick joke by masons not only unsavoury and inappropriate but also mildly heretical (as that would mean the Church had put forth something that damns souls as legitimate Mass), it is also true that there are many people who speculate that Annibale Bugnini was a mason. I mean, really, who would, when one finds himself to be a bishop of some recognition amongst others, confess that he IS involved in such infernal activities?

Also, as a side-note, is it just me, or do you also find that, whilst liberal catholic theologians and free-range nuns get away with vastly more dissension (if one could quantify it), wacky conservative Catholics get thumped down much more readily?
I mean, surely, certain some circles of the Church would have figures equally denigrating to the Church's reputation as Bishop Williamson and this certain Father Kramer?