Tomas Schuman, Former KGB Officer: How the West Was Subverted

Strangely, even though the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall came down, this process of subversion is still taking place...

Or, if you like, how the 'errors of Russia' were spread.


umblepie said…
Thanks for this. This talk was given in 1983, and virtually everything he said is/has come about in greater or lesser degree,in every aspect of society -including the Catholic Church. Very, very interesting.
Anthony said…
Wow, that's frightening! I never realized that there was such a regimented and deliberate process to the relativist tendencies we see all around us in our culture today.

I must have been one of the first few generations who were educated in this new milieu. I might only speak for myself, but more people need to know about this. I fear many people's ignorance about this assault, including my own, might prevent them seeing the reality as it is.

Thank you for directing me to this and the earlier video you posted on cultural Marxism. It's really opened my eyes.