In The Catholic Herald, recently Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith did a good analysis of Lennon's Imagine, which was given an airing at the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Good quote:

'As for the brotherhood of man, that is a Christian idea, but as my old RE teacher told me, it is only possible under the Fatherhood of God. Generally speaking, when people imagine there is no heaven and no hell, and no God, they start doing the most beastly things to each other, and creating not Utopia, but Hell on earth.'

Unfortunately, in communism the State takes on the role of the drunk and abusive father who returns home after a night of screwing around and starts beating up on the kids and locking them in the cupboards only to start slapping the wife around. I found a video on YouTube that gives a pictorial narrative to Lennon's joyful 'Ode to Freemasonry'. Enjoy! By the way, Lennon admitted his song was 'virtually the Communist Manifesto'. 

Hmm...I wonder if John Lennon ever met Theodor Adorno?


Patricius said…
I think that the most interesting thing that has been said about this song was by Lennon himself. When asked about the "no possessions" sentiment he is said to have remarked "It's only a bloody song." Looked at that way it is at least ironic- or perhaps about as meaningful as "For the benefit of Mr Kite".