We steal and lie. We tear human relationships apart. We abuse the gift of sexuality that God has given to us for purely selfish reasons. We create new idols that can never bring us happiness. We permit the destruction of innocent human life in the womb. We walk past the homeless and the beggars and ignore their plight.

We seek power over others and once we have it, use it to their detriment and our personal gain. We divorce those we made oaths to love and protect. We abandon all values that have served human happiness for centuries. We play God with human life in IVF and imagine that the eldest and weakest and most vulnerable have no intrinsic value. We deceive ourselves and raise ourselves in our own eyes above that which we are. We annihilate the vision of God from our horizon. We starve and dehydrate the sick to death and immerse ourselves in a culture of suicide and nihilism. Then, after we have done all of these things, we have the bare-faced audacity to ask the question of our Creator:

'Why does God permit suffering?'

A thousand thousand volcanoes could not achieve that which we do to ourselves and the human race!