Thrones and Dominions

I'm nearly read to throw in the towel in future-writing, the art of seeing the World go to Hell in a handcart by examining existing trends and, by seeing the trends, seeing the train being driven by Adolf Hitler coming straight for us.

The above is a video made by a website group called We The People Will Not Be Chipped. Their website has closed down now, which to me came as something of a surprise. The author of the site in his statement says that basically, its all become a bit much for him. It is interesting that he says he has decided, instead, to feed and clothe the poor in a World that is crumbling down about him. That is, I think, wise.

Various commenters have suggested that I am besmirching what they perhaps consider an at times readable Catholic blog with conspiracy theories. I certainly see the danger in posting on what people consider to be conspiracy theories and will be trying to curb such posts.

However, before I stop 'joining the dots in the New World Order' (its amazing how when you join the dots together you get a near exact image of a swastika) I'd like to make a few points.

First, that to be forewarned is to be forearmed, though we bear no physical arms. The only weapon that we really have is the Rosary and a formidable weapon it is. If only 1 billion Catholics were praying it, the World might be a little different! There is little doubt in my conspiracy addled mind that politicians fear a praying populace far more than they fear a protesting populace. This is mainly because a praying population would serve a reminder to the State that there is an Authority far greater than itself and to which those who work within it are accountable. More than this, however, for men to serve God would be terrifying to a State machinery that is seemingly intent on enslaving its own people, for 'no man can serve two masters'.

Second, I take as my inspiration for my writing on such matters, crude as they may at times be, to be Pope Benedict XVI, who explicitly warned the United Kingdom of the dangers of a society entrenched in moral relativism giving itself over to a new kind of dictatorship in which human dignity was disregarded altogether. Trends in what Government proposes now would have been unthinkable a generation ago and the State is only able to acquire more powers in a range of areas because the populace has been weakened by its own rejection of objective morality. This rejection has served the interests of the State only too well.

Third, whether you believe masonic societies play a malevolent role in human affairs or not, it perhaps matters not what their role is, if there is any influence at all. I say this because it is becoming more and more evident that there is a momentum in progress, a specific kind of road which really is a one-way street. It is a road that has eclipsed reason in the light of faith. It is a path that really is inexorable, since a fixed, objective morality has been discarded. It is a path upon which God is not invited to walk with us or to guide us. Destruction is the natural end of a society, or world, which rejects the natural law and the God who inscribed it on our hearts. Destruction is the natural end of a society that values money, in particular, as well as sex and power above all things. None of this is aided by our corrupt politicians, but then if politicians have no integrity, it is because they are pulled from an electorate only too willing to sacrifice truth and human beings for personal gain.

Were the Rothschild dynasty and the Rockefeller dynasty to be responsible for the West's attachment to abortion, war, artificial contraception as population control, homosexuality, divorce and the break up of the family, then, to be sure, their role would be influential, but ultimately it is we, certainly I, who share a great portion of guilt and blame. Certainly, as far as I am aware, Mr Rockefeller was not present in the room at those times when I gave myself over to 'unnatural lust' with a gun to my head saying, 'Go on, do it!'

The Church is the guardian of human freedom only in as much as Her members are using our freedom to worship and to serve God. With the decline of the Church in human affairs, and the decline in belief in a loving and merciful God, who can even blame the State for moving in and trying to introduce a new belief system and 'order' which it believes people will give themselves to, in advances the interests of the wealthy and powerful few?

If it were our end to be subjected to a cruel and ruthless tyranny in which the religious rights of Jews, Muslims and Christians were banished, or that we were asked to renounce elements of our faith that we could not in order to participate in a 'new order', to find ourselves as practicing Catholics marginalised or even totally rejected by the World, then we could not say the Church has never been here before.

For, whether it is the 'end game' of an elite to microchip human populations, or not, one thing is painfully clear. The trends suggest that, on all fronts, we are moving towards a new order of society - one in which the message of the Church is not welcome - one in which Catholics and those who hold fast to teachings which run contrary to the spirit of the age are not welcome. This is evident to those who follow what has been happening with Christians in the workplace, as well as the push for assisted suicide and gay marriage. It is also painfully evident in the German attempts to prohibit the Jewish practice of circumcision.

We have allowed the devil to wreak such havoc and destruction in our own lives, destroy our marriages, destroy our children and the nation's future, mutilate our identities, our souls, destroy or at least cover up the image of God within us, as we pursue a world of illusion and shadow. Can we be truly surprised when his agents in higher and more powerful places exact upon us the full consequences of a life divorced from Truth for the simple reason that the more powerful a man is in this World, if he refuses God's love, he cannot bring himself to show love or respect for his brothers and sisters, because he is drunk and mad on power? We should not be surprised that if we, as individuals and as a nation divorce ourselves from God in our lives, that the full consequences of that rejection, that Hell, be visited upon us upon Earth in a prison of our own making!

The politicians have abandoned God and now serve a different master or masters. They will say or do anything if it serves their interests and the interests of those for whom they work. The journalists have abandoned Truth and so now serve different masters in whose service they find earthly reward. The doctors have abandoned love and so murder the most innocent and vulnerable among us in the womb. The bankers have abandoned integrity and so lead us into a chasm of economic disorder while they enrich themselves without shame.

Let us be in no doubt, that the World's crisis is a crisis that we were warned of by Our Lady of Fatima. It is the crisis of a World that has all but rejected the One Who alone can save us from our errors, temptations and sin. It is the ultimate crisis of Faith. Christ will triumph, of course, no matter what.

Our Lady will be victorious, we have been promised. Whether we triumph with Christ and His Mother and whether others triumph with God and Our Lady and the white-robed army of martyrs, depends very much on us allowing ourselves to be drawn closer to God. We can and we must pray and work assiduously for the Salvation of the Souls!

The sad and awful truth is that we are already living in an embryonic dystopia, perhaps well into that kind of state. Above all, we must  take heart and courage that we have been chosen by the Lord to bear witness to Him in these most tumultuous times. Let's pray that we will glorify His holy name.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, now gloriously reigning and for the liberty and exaltation of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. There is none in the West who can save us, for Our Saviour shall come from the East and His Blessed Mother is terrible to the enemies of the Church as an army set in array!

“Whoever thinks that the prophetic mission of Fatima is over, is deceiving himself.” - Pope Benedict XVI, Fatima, May 13th 2010


gemoftheocean said…
Please keep posting whatever takes your fancy -- I don't always agree with it, but you always make your posts with a great deal of lucidity and cogent argument. I've been rather self-absorbed with my own problems at the moment, but I always find you a fascinating read.
Dorotheus said…
There must be millions of Catholics already praying the Rosary regularly and have been praying it for years, but does it make the world any different? Maybe we need to try something else?
umblepie said…
Another really prescient and powerful post. Thank you for your courage and integrity, and for your loyalty and love for Christ and His Blessed Mother, and His Church. Please keep posting.
Dorothy B said…
Well done, Bones, for a fine, thoughtful post. The work you are doing with your blog is very important.
Lynda said…
Thank you for your truthful, courageous and self-sacrificing work. We are indebted to you. St Michael, the Archangel , protect you in mind, body and spirit.
Annie said…
Hang in there - your individuality is refreshing in this pre-packaged world. There's a number of survivors from the shipwreck of Damian's blog who regularly enjoy reading your posts even though some of them may not be commenting here.

At which point I should thank you for running the videos on the Frankfurt School. I've heard the name bandied about but never knew who they were until you blogged about them.