Ding dong...

She's gone!

Pink News are a little aggrieved that Lynne Featherstone has moved on in the Cabinet reshuffle.

Her post is now assumed by Theresa May. It seems that David Cameron still has his Conservative heart set on marriage between two men and two women though.

I don't envy Theresa...


P├ętrus said…
Excellent news - I really didn't like Ms Featherstone
Brian said…
Hang on a second. The Lib Dems are claiming that Jo Swinson is now the Equalities Minister. And if you are cheering the departure of the ghastly Ms Featherstone you will be just as aghast at the arrival of Ms Swinson.

Incidentally, the Lib Dems held a party recently at which they celebrated the 'achievement' of redefining marriage. I’m not sure how you celebrate the ‘achievement’ of something that hasn’t actually happened yet but (1) that’s the Lib Dems for you and (2) they haven’t got a lot to celebrate just now, have they.

From an email sent out by Nick Clegg (and he hasn’t claimed that a big boy wrote it and ran away with it … yet):

Tonight I've been hosting a reception to celebrate the Coalition's commitment to equal marriage, an issue I'm very proud that Liberal Democrats are delivering on in Government.
Equal marriage is just one of the many Liberal Democrat achievements in Government
I was delighted to be joined at the reception by Jo Swinson MP - who I'm pleased to announce is our new Equalities Minister, in addition to her role as Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs.