Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Pope Francis Grants Interview to Catholics...

In an astonishing move, His Holiness Pope Francis has graciously granted an interview to someone who is not a Jesuit and/or an atheist. That person is you!

Therefore, along with my own small and humble list of questions, the answers of which I believe the Faithful have a right to know from the Universal Pastor of the Universal Church, you are invited to seek answers from Pope Francis to the burning questions you have for the Vicar of Christ on Earth...

Your Holiness, we are a year and a half into an extraordinary pontificate in which Your Holiness has certainly 'hit the ground running' with a radical 'programme' for the Catholic Church. When you were interviewed by Eugenio Scalfari, precisely what did you mean when you said, "I do not believe in a Catholic God'? Could you please explain your position on that?
Your Holiness, in one interview you said that proselytism, or seeking the conversion of another, was "solemn nonsense". Exactly what did you mean by this? And when you said, "Jesus is my teacher and my pastor, but God, the Father, Abba, is the light and the Creator" could that statement be taken in any sense as  a denial of the Most Holy Trinity?
When you said that there is a "gay lobby" and a "masonic lobby" in the Vatican, you said that lobbies are "never good". What could be done to remove the baleful influence of these lobbies upon Holy Mother Church? 
Your Holiness, when you reportedly said to a relative of a co-founder of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Order that they would be released 'from the tomb' "soon," did you mean "soon" or did you mean the period of time evolutionists suggest it took for the Universe to go from nothing to the appearance of mankind?

Pope Francis, do you believe that the words of Christ concerning adultery, divorce and remarriage still stand and that this teaching must inform the Church's discipline concerning Holy Communion, or have you, in the words of the LCWR "moved beyond" the Lord Jesus Christ?
Your Holiness, I am glad you mention 'mercy' so regularly. What was your motive for what in all essence appears to be the demotion of Cardinal Burke, a highly approved and esteemed Cardinal, who Pope Emeritus Benedict called, "a great Cardinal" of the Church?
What is your motive in doing this, while keeping men who espouse doctrinal positions against the Church's perennial teaching, like Cardinal Kasper and Cardinal Richard Marx, as close confidants?

Your Holiness, during a telephone conversation to a divorce and remarried woman who asked you for your advice, did you really say of the Most Holy Eucharist, "a little bread and wine does no harm"?
By all means, send your questions into the comments box and let us dream for a moment of a papal interview in which vital questions pertinent to the transmission of the Catholic Faith are addressed as part of the "Papal Magisterium by Interview" to Catholics with a genuine love and concern for the Church.

Of course this is a joke post but this novel idea of a Catholic interview taking place between a Catholic Pope and a Catholic lay man clarifying statements made about the Catholic Faith could yet take off. Could we succeed where Sandro Magister and Antonio Socci have not so much failed as been 'overlooked' in favour of an anti-Catholic, left-wing atheist and a Jesuit?


Anonymous said...

Pope Francis, why do you persecute Our Lord and His Holy Church?

Unknown said...

Pope Francis, have you thought about retiring?

Tereze said...

Maybe, instead of being constantly under the "Catholic" stress, because of pope Francis, we suppose to step back and remind ourselves what grand mason of the Grand Masonic Lodge in Rome, Gustavo Rossi, had said, when he publicly congratulated pope Francis:"With the election of Pope Francis nothing will ever be the same again."

By now EVERYTHIG IS CLEAR... do I have to say anything more??? No, now we just have to think how to protect OUR DEPOSIT OF FAITH !!! Because soon (2015?),everything will be destroyed faster then we think...

Mary Kay said...

Wouldn't THIS be a big surprise, if ever there was the slightest chance of occurrence!

Nicolas Bellord said...

Why call this a joke post? They are serious questions asking for clarity to which we would all like an answer.

Anonymous said...

Your....ehm, I'll call you Jorge, as you like, my answer is: have you ever been catholic in your life before being elected,beg pardon, placed in a roman extra luxury hotel?MK.

Unknown said...

I've taken Fr. Paul Kramer's position. Whenever that part of the Mass comes up where Francis is mentioned, I quietly whisper Benedict.

Also, on my refrigerator, a Cookie Monster magnet holds up a picture of Francis upon which I drew devil horns.

It has truly helped my Catholic sanity to do these things.

Seattle Kim

Unknown said...

P.S. I have no desire to ask him any questions. In an exorcism, one never engages the demon.

Seattle Kim

Marie said...

The Scalfari and Spadaro interviews will soon be released as a book.
Will this, our interview, be likewise published, i.e., as the 2nd volume of the "Little Book of Insults"? Good.

So here are my questions:
1. Your Holiness, You washed the feet of young Muslim women prisoners during a Holy Thursday liturgy. You know of course that the foot-washing rite has something to do with the call to the Catholic priesthood. Did you really mean to call young Muslim women prisoners to the Catholic priesthood? And did you think the Lord approved?

2. Your Holiness, during the Year of Faith, a concert of classical music was planned many months ahead with you as the honored guest. The young classical musicians rehearsed their numbers day and night for months for this concert of a lifetime. Yet you stood them up. You did not send regrets, simply did not show up at the last minute. Did you think then that since they were young people, that they would not mind a bit of papal rudeness?

3. Your Holiness, you time and again castigate Catholics who defend and obey Church teachings, calling them Pharisees. You mention no names, You also condemn gossipers and those who say bad things about other people. Don't you think it's time you carry your own advice?

The Bones said...


Unfortunately it is a joke because these questions will never most likely be answered.

Anonymous said...

I’ve recently discovered this blog commenting lark and sent quite a few in a short time, so now I’m going to shut up and have a long rest and give people a break. But here are some parting thoughts.
It has been useful to see, enumerated, some reasons for orthodox Catholics (like you and me) to be concerned about our Pope. What this list describes, however, is mostly froth. When Francis for example says “I do not believe in a Catholic God” we can assume he is making a point about Pharisaism, not the Church itself.
This Pope’s style is combative, in-your-face. I’m tempted to say “get used to it!” but I think he’s made it clear he doesn’t intend to be around for long and will retire when declining health (remember, he has only one lung) makes life difficult. The next pope will be an African. Bring it on. Au revoir.

Православный физик said...

1) Pope Francis, you kneel with seemingly ease when it comes to washing the feet of women, why don't you kneel to Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Consecration? Wouldn't it seem logical that God is slightly more important than everything else?

2) Why have you truly removed Bp Liveres and Bp Oliveri...yet done nothing about the real Cardinal Mahony?

3) What was up with putting the beachball and jersey on the altar? The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass takes place there, it is not a place for the secular things.

J said...

Why don´t you kneel after Consecration but in front of every pagan or heretic?

Anonymous said...

He did, he did many many times as bishop in BA and as boR, nothing changed; yes when they ask prayers for the pope I whisper Benedict, the pope of my conversion.....miss him more and more.God bless+.

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