Saturday, 1 November 2014

Te Deum Laudamus

Today is the Feast of All Saints.

What a beautiful Feast this is.

After the excesses of Halloween (mine was somewhat quiet, apart from the racket outside my window), I refuse to hear from atheists the idea that 'all that dressing up' that priests do for the Sacred Liturgy is a 'nonsense' or a 'waste of time'.

When priests dress up they dress up for the Sacred Liturgy.

In their spare time, you will rarely find them dressed as werewolves, 
vampires, ghouls, demons and the legion of the damned.

Unlike a lot of atheists.

It's amazing the efforts some people will go to for Halloween, you know.

Therefore, let every priest go to every effort for Almighty God in the 
Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

We should be grateful that so many make the ugliness and deformed of the damned so spectacular for Halloween. Let every priest return the honour to the atheists and show all present the beauty of Christ and His Saints.

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