Saturday, 22 November 2014

Porsche and the Temple

"When those who are in the Temple – be they priests, lay people, secretaries, who manage the ministry of the Temple...when they become business people the community is scandalized. And we are responsible for this. The laity is too! Everyone. Because if I see this happening in my parish, I need to have courage and tell it directly the pastor.”
- His Holiness Pope Francis

So, did money change hands for Porsche to hire the Sistine Chapel for a business event or not?

Suspicions have been raised, so someone needs to tell the Pastor!


Genty said...

Funnily enough, Francis was railing against "greedy priests" on Friday;
Weak ones are okay, apparently.

philipjohnson said...

The Pope is the Pastor-who will tell him?Turning the Vatican into a market place?I thought Pope Francis was humble!Philip Johnson.

Jacobi said...

I have not seen this. It could be a composite photo although even then I presume permission would be required.

Therefore it would appear to be an abuse of the temple.

John Vasc said...

Of course money is involved. A very large sum.
I recall that when this Porsche event was first mooted, the Vatican PR went into erm, overdrive to emphasize that the event was going to 'Open Up the Sistine Chapel To the World' -while at the same time announcing that tourists (aka 'the great unwashed') wouldn't be allowed to visit the Chapel 'in such large numbers' any more. The world's media uncritically accepted this at face value and without demur. Which made me chuckle.

The Vatican also announced in the same communiqué that the money raised from renting out the Chapel for Porsche's corporate shindig would be 'given to charities chosen by the Pope.'

What charities? Nobody knows. Presumably the Holy Father may divulge this in his own good time. Heaven forfend that any journalist might dare to ask a question about it.

Anonymous said...

You want to tell the pastor? Sign this:

Anonymous said...

This is a composite photo, but the permission is real, the dinner will be for no more than 40 people, paying 5.000 euros pro capite, renting the chapel for 6.500 euros isn't, to be honest, a lot of money for the charities chosen by the boR, who personally gave 150.000 euros for the museum of Auschwitz, en passant....God bless.

Genty said...

Presumably the money came from the BoR selling off his gifts.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

This is just the sort of ecumenical excess that can propel us through the noosphere.

Rent out a Consecrated Chapel to a recognised symbol of international capitalism (state sponsored usury) and use the money to succor a spot that is used as a source to guilt-attack Christian Catholics.

These surprises from God are rapidly piling-up, aren't they?

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