Infant Child of Prague

I found this plastic Infant Child of Prague. I know this isn't a very lenten thing to do, but I have been updating my Bones Store with some nice things. Just thought I'd keep people updated with it. Other items include a crucifix necklace, a Catholic devotional bracelet and a 'Pieta'. I've posted some of the history of the Infant Child of Prague on the store also.


David Lindsay said…
The work of Fr John Saward on spiritual childhood, especially in 'The Way of The Lamb', is particularly important.

And the Infant of Prague is also an image, not only Christ in all His Meekness and Majesty, but also of that specifically in terms of a thoroughly multiethnic empire predating the rise of ethnic nationalism in Europe, an integral and central part of the Modern project.

To this day, certain German, Magyar and Slavic surnames are found throughout the former Austria-Hungary. Such (such as Lusotropicalism, such as Unionism and Commonwealth patriotism) is the Kingdom of God, which those who do not accept it as little children will never enter.
gloria fabrione said…
good balancd article about pope benedict's reform of the reform: