Runner for Andrex Commercial

Tomorrow I am going to be a runner for an Andrex commercial being staged in Brighton. Bizarre but true. This could be my big break in TV. I don't know about you but I've always wanted to see the Andrex puppy in real life. I wonder if he is the same one from the 1980s and 90s. He's so cute when he runs off with the toilet roll!

Update: I've been told it is actually a Dulux commercial not an Andrex commercial. It is definitely not a Durex commercial. It is a Dulux commercial. So the question is, will I get to meet this dog?


Laura said…
Bit of a conversation stopper that one.
It's a commercial for Dulux you wally! No labrador's - just English sheepdogs...
We have a yellow labrador & black one too..
I met the original dulux dog Digby [he was in the film too] at a very un-PC-named paintshop called 'Gayhomes' in the early 1970s.

Will have to scan the photo some time...

the thought of you wrapped in toilet tissue is well? disconcerting to say the least...lazarus meets caligula spring to mind - wink!