Guardian in Second Good Article in Two Days Shock!

What's going on at The Guardian? Yesterday a great piece on St Therese of Lisieux and now today Ed Pilkington pens a good piece on Norma McCorvey, of Roe vs Wade fame, on her conversion to Catholicism and switching from anti-Life to pro-Life causes...

'The woman standing on the steps of the supreme court in Washington DC is nervous. A harsh sun is beating down on the white marble, threatening to bleach her out of the picture. She looks very small beneath the classical columns of America's legal shrine, with its legend: "Equal justice under the law."

"I'm scared," she says, glancing at two police officers standing nearby. "You never know if they'll recognise me. Maybe they'd arrest me."

A few minutes later, as we prepare to leave the supreme court complex, the same woman bends over and spits ostentatiously on to its bottom step. "There, I've done it!" she says. "I made sure those guards saw me."

But just a moment ago you were scared they might arrest you, I say.

"I don't care. I'm feeling militant standing in front of this mortuary."

Such is the volatile, confusing and contradictory world of Norma McCorvey. She is, or was, the Jane Roe of the US supreme court's most famous and contentious ruling, Roe v Wade. In 1973, as the anonymous pregnant plaintiff, her plight was presented to the court so that American women could win the constitutional right to an abortion.'

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