Between Houses

I am between houses at the moment. Early September I move into a new pad which is lovely, thanks be to God and my kind parents. However, I'm addicted to Brighton like Robert Palmer was addicted to love in that song he did about the fact that the lights are on and we're not home, that we're his and not our own etc. I have several good friends who take me in regularly.

However, it is summer, the season of camping. As seen in Carry On Camping, we Brits must take these opportunities as often as they arrive, and so I decided to give living in the car a go. I'll probably give up on this in a week and go back home to my parents. So far, though, this is my experience...

The chief benefits of living in your car, then, are:

1) You wake up early.

2) You drink less, because you shouldn't drink and drive.

3) There is very little to do so you don't miss your prayers (as much as you did before).

4) Everything you need is at your fingertips such as clothes, guitar and Radio 4.

5) You can listen to Radio 4.

6) You go to bed early.

7) You don't get any unsolicited mail.

8) It is quiet and peaceful.

9) Your bed is your house and your house is mobile, so you can live anywhere you want. Sea-view, countryside view or industrial estate view, the World is your oyster and your oyster is your car.

10) You can put icons and holy cards around your house with blue-tak and sprinkle your house with Holy Water. You can also ask your Priest to bless the car.

The chief disadvantages of living in your car:

1) It gets a bit smelly...and that's it! As far as I can see, the pros outweigh the cons by 10 to 1. I can't even say its uncomfortable. Just wind down the seat to horizontal and hey presto, you got a bed for the night.

When I move into the new place in September I am sure I will miss my temporary house...for a while. I'd like to claim that it was all done in response to the Holy Father's new encylical, Caritas in Veritate, urging us to live simple, prayerful lives, centred upon the Gospel and devotion to Christ and His Blessed Mother...but I can't...I'm just a stubborn old mule and I don't want to leave Brighton and certainly not St Mary Magdalen's parish. Also, I'm no Jack Kerouac. I think he would have hit the A23 long ago...I'm thinking of doing an elaborate mosaic of Our Lady on the bonnet. I'll send you pictures once the masterpiece is complete.

Here's that Robert Palmer song in full.


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