Is it The Byrds? Is it a err, Led Zeppelin? No! It's Johnny Marr!

Uh-oh, musician destroys mystery of band by speaking about music.

So much better when he just smokes and plays! Yawn. Get on with it and play the darn thing! Why is it that seemingly even one of the coolest guitarists in pop sounds as if he is 'Spinal Tap: The Movie'? Does the amp go up to 11? That's what we all want to know!

The guitarist from The Smiths discusses his influential style of play - for all you Smiths fans out there. I usually get a quid or two if I play There is a Light That Never Goes Out. If only I had me a 12-string guitar for that full and rich chorus sound which...Anyway, here is that song in full, the video of which is set entirely in a car.


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