Sunday, 16 February 2014

Vatican and UN Establish Periphery Parks: Where Traditional Catholic Dreams Come True

What traditionally-minded Catholic could forgo this wonderful opportunity, established out of the bowels of the mercy, patience and kindness of Pope Francis and his team of advisors.

Book today, traditional Catholics, for Periphery Parks. It is hoped that these will 'spring up' in every country where the Catholic Church has a presence in the World.


Православный физик said...

I wouldn't put it beneath the present enemies that wish to see the TLM in the ghettos.

Lynda said...

Is addiction counselling available at Periphery Park? Perhaps Group (12-step type) sessions to help overcome addiction to the Faith and its liturgical tradition?

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

meanwhile in the hub of the hives we have the messes of all VII 'stages', trends and fashion fickelissimi Frankie style:

when Frankie says fashion he means Faith; then 'sh**' am I gonna live long enough to make sure the One, TrueFaith, Catholic authenticity and this mystical God given Holy Sacrifice is completely obliterated? memo to higher-self, must recruit young cool advant-garde to subvert younger generations' love of authentic liturgy...



holy father, you might like to step away from the microphone when you write your martini-memos.

*!*!*!Cardinal, have learned nothing under my boot? blame on the translator.

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