Monday, 9 December 2013

Holocaust Denier!

Playing the numbers game: Tom Chivers and Richard Williamson

'Even if the "90,000 martyrs a year" figure was accurate, which is highly questionable, it is no longer – and so the 100,000 a year quoted by Alan and by Jim Shannon MP is also wildly wrong. The real number is more likely to be about an order of magnitude lower. And, indeed, Prof Thomas Schirrmacher from the International Society from Human Rights, again quoted by Alexander, says that while there is no good research on it at all, their best guess at the moment is about 7,000 to 8,000 Christians killed for their beliefs worldwide.' ~ Tom Chivers

So says Tom Chivers today on his Telegraph blog.

I've no time for the idea of the 'great Holocaust swindle' conspiracy perpetuated by Bishop Richard Williamson. It seems obvious to me that a great many Jews died in the Holocaust. Was it 6 million? Was it 4 million? Was it 3 million? Was it hundreds of thousands? I don't know and I've never bothered to investigate it for myself, but then what matters is that we know a lot of Jews were unjustly killed by the Nazi regime for their ethnicity, race, or religion and that should always be recalled and never forgotten, lest history repeat itself.

What I do find interesting however is the 'numbers game' seems to be 'fair game' when it comes to Christians. Mr Chivers, try this tactic with the Holocaust and see what happens to you! Your P45 would only be the start of it! Christians are paying with their lives in great, great numbers around the World, especially in the middle east and especially at the hands of Muslims explicitly for their Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Why enter into the numbers game, Mr Chivers? I mean, seriously, why? In order to be truthful? To ascertain historical accuracy? To ensure that everyone 'calms down' about the whole matter?

Perhaps you need to sit down and have a pint with Bishop Richard Williamson. You and he would get on like a house on fire. Hitler's own books and Hitler's own speeches make it pretty plain that, whatever the number of Jews killed in the end, he well and truly had it in for the Jews. Is Mr Chivers suggesting that Christians are exploiting the situation for men, women and children of this religion around the globe or that Christians are exaggerating the numbers being killed to further their own interests?

Shame on you, Mr Chivers. If you tried this with the Jewish Holocaust you'd be run out of town! Whatever the number of Christian martyrs around the World suffering for their Faith and dying for their Faith, surely the point is that an unholy persecution of Christians is indeed taking place, for after all, every human life is precious - even - yes even to atheists like you - or so we would have hoped!


Amfortas said...

John Allen has pretty much owned up to the 100,000 figure being a sleight of hand. The level of persecution is frightening but we do our cause no good by inflating the figures. 100,000 is an extrapolation from a 1 million figure which does not stand up to much scrutiny. However, I don't know what's motivating Mr Chivers.

The Bones said...

That's not my point.

Lynda said...

Mr Chivers also denies the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent, defenceless babies under Mandela's presidency of SA.

Simon Platt said...

I generally find that I can manage rather well without the benefit of Mr Chivers' wisdom.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Why Christianaphobia?

"...the current services to the human family carried out in the world by the Catholic Church without any distinction of religion or race. In the field of education, it runs 70,544 kindergartens with 6,478,627 pupils; 92,847 primary schools with 31,151,170 pupils; 43,591 secondary schools with 17,793,559 pupils. The Church also educates 2,304,171 high school pupils, and 3,338,455 university students. The Church’s worldwide charity and healthcare centres include: 5,305 hospitals; 18,179 dispensaries; 547 Care Homes for people with Leprosy; 17,223 Homes for the elderly, or the chronically ill or people with a disability; 9,882 orphanages; 11,379 creches; 15,327 marriage counseling; 34,331 social rehabilitation centres and 9,391 other kinds of charitable institutions. To such data about social action activity, there should be added the assistance services carried out in refugee camps and to internally displaced people and the accompaniment of these uprooted persons. This service certainly doesn’t call for discrimination against Christians."

whatever the actual numbers, the Vatican and lots of other sources maintain 100,000 Christians are killed for their faith every year and that 75% of all global religious persecution is directed towards Christians.

Paul said...

+Williamson is not a holocaust denier! He quite understandably and courageously questions the number and the means (ie gassing). The outcome of the so-called holocaust is that Tom Chivers can question figures for Christian persecution but not the holocaust in the zio press, as you quite rightly say. Since when has holocaustianity been a dogma of the church, making +Williamson be villified and ostracised?

Hughie said...

May I begin by stating quite unequivocally that one needless death is plenty too many. And what follows has solely to do with my distaste for ALL the devotees of Joseph Goebbels's dark arts.

You ask: "Is Mr Chivers suggesting that Christians are exploiting the situation for men, women and children of this religion around the globe or that Christians are exaggerating the numbers being killed to further their own interests?" Do you mean in exactly the way that the homosexualist proselytes do in relation to the numbers of homosexuals who died while incarcerated under German Law during the Nazi era? I have friends, and have met other people, and come across yet more on the internet and in the press and other media, all otherwise sane and sensible people, who actually believe that 50,000 were done to death in Nazi "death camps" as the Tatchellistas always have it. That figure is in fact a "best guess" at the numbers gaoled. Since I first made reference to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (on Fr Ray's Blog some time ago) they have now, no doubt after pressure was brought to bear, changed their comment about this matter and now conclude by stating: "There are no known statistics for the number of homosexuals who died in the camps." However, it is known that by no means all of the 50,000 were transferred from prisons to concentration camps. Equaly, it is known that those who were were not earmarked for the gas chambers (although it is entirely possible that that is were some may have ended up. Previously the Holocaust Museum's Encyclopaedia stated that "many" died but in a context which made it clear that they did not think it likely to hae been all that many; I got the impression that four figures was unlikely.

Tancred said...

What's the penalty in Europe for denying or minimizing the Holodomor in a way offensive to the Catholics and Orthodox who were murdered there by certain other minorities?

NKVD men were literally shooting men in the fields trying to gather the harvest from the backs of trucks.

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