Tuesday 10 December 2013

A Petition for the Franciscans of the Immaculate

A petition is now circulating in support of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

I heartily recommend readers sign it. You can read more about the petition at The Eponymous Flower.


philipjohnson said...

I've signed it and fully support the friars of the immaculate conception in the true mass off all ages i.e. --latin ,latin -even a country person stacking hayricks in my neck of the woods(shropshire )in the middle ages would know more latin than most of the so called leaders of the church today.pope francis you are the pope!!philip johnson.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

May God restore our Faithful brothers and sisters to that which in Good Faith was bestowed upon them.

Immaculata, oro pro nobis.

Anonymous said...

Duly signed!

Marie-Claire said...

Duly signed with pleasure!

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Bishop Fellay: "One example: the Franciscans of the Immaculate In their spirituality they follow the guidelines of Fr. Maximilian Kolbe.

"This is very interesting, because Maximilian Kolbe desires a combat for the Immaculata, a combat by the Immaculata, the victory of God over the enemies of God — we really can use that term — namely the Freemasons. It is very interesting to see that. This combat against the world, against the spirit of the world made them close to us, almost by nature, one could say, because to enlist in a combat against the world implies the Cross somewhere. That implies the eternal principles of the Church: what is called the Christian spirit. This Christian spirit is expressed magnificently in the old Mass, in the Tridentine Mass. So that when Benedict XVI published his Motu Proprio, which once again made the Mass widely available, that congregation decided in their Chapter, in other words a decision by the whole congregation, to return to the old Mass, and really to do so across the board, realizing that they would have a lot of problems since they have parishes, but that nevertheless these problems were not insurmountable. A few of them also began to pose certain questions about the Council.

"As a result, some malcontents, a handful if you consider the number of them (there are around 300 priests and brothers in all), maybe a dozen protested to Rome, saying “They are trying to impose the old Mass on us, they are attacking the Council.” This provoked a very strong reaction on the part of Rome, already during the pontificate of Benedict XVI — it is necessary to make that clear. Nevertheless, the conclusions, the disciplinary measures were taken under Pope Francis. These include, among others, the prohibition against celebrating the old Mass for all the members, with a few exceptions and permissions, possibly, here or there…. This is directly contrary to the Motu Proprio, which spoke about a right, that the priests had the right to celebrate the old Mass and therefore there was no need for permission, either from the ordinary or even from the Holy See. Therefore that is quite shocking; obviously this is a signal."
from November 2013 DICI Interview

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing that petition with us. I'd not seen it. Happily signed it.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Having read EF Pastor Emeritus and Father Mark's comments earlier on I thought this was merely an internal matter easily resolvable. But having read Father Volpi's letter I am very concerned. With my limited Italian it is a ferocious letter and I wonder what on earth has been going that can in any way justify such a letter. Is anybody able to enlighten me?

Lynda said...

Diabolical persecution of the good, the holy.

Fr Mark said...

I am posting my comment fro the earlier thread to correct misunderstandings repeated again here...

Jacobi - ''Any priest may say the Vetus Ordo. No permission is required, from bishop or superior and any Catholic may join in.''

I don't think this is accurate, or at least it is an over-simplification. SP does not give priests the totally unrestricted right to use the EF in any circumstances. It gives priests the right to use the EF for a 'private mass' (which anyone can spontaneously attend), or a 'public mass' where a stable group request it. There are also some explicit restrictions stated e.g. only one scheduled mass on sundays (presumably so over-eager priests cannot change the whole weekend mass schedule to the EF) and 'private EF masses' not being permitted during the sacred Tridiuum.

It does not give some members of religious communities / orders the right to impose the EF on other members as a rule - which would effectively need a change in that religious order's constitution (requiring papal approval). In the case of religious orders, the superior has a role in regulating or overseeing the EF's use.

The issue with the Franciscans here was that it had been unlawfully decreed that only the EF could be used, which is against the detail of SP and the religious orders constitution (since it was never established as a solely EF religious congregation). Clearly, priests have the right to use the OF (which is normative) if they wish and cannot be prevented from doing so which was happening. It was also the case that parishes being served by the Franciscans were being instructed to use the EF only which is not permitted - see para above.

Finally, the reigning Supreme Pontiff does have the legal right and authority to arbitrate in such matters and can deviate from SP in particular cases if he feels it is necessary. No Canon lawyer will tell you otherwise. It is also possible that the reigning Pontiff could abrogate or issue a further decree deviating from SP although I think that is extremely unlikely to happen.

Please note the relevant section from the Wikipedia entry...
If communities of Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, whether of pontifical or diocesan right, wish to celebrate the conventual or community Mass in their own oratories according to the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal, they are permitted to do so. If an individual community or an entire Institute or Society wishes to have such celebrations frequently, habitually or permanently, the matter is to be decided by the Major Superiors according to the norm of law and their particular laws and statutes." (Article 3)

To suggest that the Franciscans are being left in a spiritual vacuum because they have to ordinarily use the OF as stipulated by the congregation's founding charism and constitution is insulting. The actions taken by Pope Francis regarding this dispute were commenced by Benedict who initiated the investigation in response to complaints. If a minority of Franciscans had not acted beyond their authority and the remit of SP - thus antagonising the rest of the community - then this action would not have been necessary. When it is claimed that the OF is somehow deficient or inferior then something serious has obviously gone amiss.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

N. Bellford:

here's a translation of the letter:


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

the OF, more properly called the bugnini mass is deficient and inferior and things have gone amiss.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Father Mark: Viterbo has given us a link to the Commissioner's letter translated into English. It is important to read this. The dispute is not just about the EF and OF masses. I am sure you are right in what you say but per se it seemed an issue easily resolvable and not of momentous importance.

However if you read Volpi's letter he is accusing some members of the Institute of embezzlement. Possibly some misguided members transferred funds belonging to the Institute to outsiders in order to "protect" them from the Commissioner. This is a serious accusation.

However I cannot help feeling that the letter is still overkill and I do detect some personal animosity? It all sounds like almost closing down the Institute.
He starts of saying that he hopes his words will be clearer, more reassuring and more fruitful. Well if I had received such a letter I might feel somewhat depressed. I suppose clerics feel they have to start and end with pious remarks when essentially they are telling you to f off - I just find it rather irritating!

Jacobi said...

Fr Mark,

Sorry, didn’t pick up your response on the earlier “thread”.

I don’t think we are very far apart in our understanding. We mustn’t drift into the realm of hair splitting, not at present when the Catholic Church is under pressure and “good men and true”, not to mention good priests, have to, now what’s the expression, “stand to”. As you say, anyone can spontaneously attend!

Those who would introduce, with intent, Rupture in Liturgy, that is how we pray, and therefore, what we pray, certainly don’t quibble.

I stand by my point that SP can only be countered by a declaration of equal weight which would produce stalemate. That is not likely, as you say, to happen

The answer lies in reasonable discussion, but the fall back is that those who believe in Liturgical Continuity as an essential aspect of Doctrinal Continuity surely have the options, of continuing to say the Ancient Catholic Mass, or of forming their own group, or of joining a like-minded group.

Be clear that the OF is certainly not deficient, simply frequently misused and in great need of the “Reform of the Reform”, which will come, make no mistake!

ps., what is this Sacred Authority “Wikipedia” I keep hearing about?

Fr Mark said...

viterbo - your comment is schismatic and it is precisely this mentality within the Franciscans that has resulted in the appointment of a papal commissioner, and presumably why ordinations have been suspended for a year and why seminarians are being required to sign an oath of fidelity to V2.

Lynda said...

His letter demonstrates the arbitrariness, the injustice and the grave abuse of power involved in the penalisation. Furthermore, the form of penalisation itself could never be valid and includes the violation of fundamental rights as specified solemnly in SP. Unlawful restriction of the offering of Holy Mass in the ancient form of the Church could never be validly imposed in the name of the Holy See. Justice and the rule of law may not be overruled or avoided by the legislator. That would be to deny the unchanging truths, the Divine Law underpinning the law concerned. The Holy See when acting magisterially cannot act in a capricious, unjust way or in a way that purports to onflict with the Deposit of Faith, including the magisterium of the Church. Quite apart from the necessary limits on the powers of the Holy See, neither an accusation nor a finding of formal wrongdoing on the part of the Order's superior or other member has been provided by the authorities - this in itself is a cause of grave scandal. What are the charges?

Nicolas Bellord said...

Father Mark: I am still astonished at the harshness of the Volpi letter and wonder whether it is justified. On Rorate Coelis' blog there is another letter of 6th December from Volpi in which he responds to a journalist:


It appears that Father Manelli the founder of the Institute is over 80 and is ill in a clinic. His doctors have certified that he should have no contact with the outside world in view of his illness - presumably a nervous breakdown. Volpi relates this but without a word of sympathy merely saying this was "unsatisfactory". Does he think he is malingering?

As a matter of procedure in a judicial role I find it odd that he wrote in reply to the journalist.

Graeme J A Taylor said...

The priest appointed to suppress these holy men and women appears a bully and an arrogant dictator.
If a man or woman gave up his/her life to Christ and serve the Church who is this priest with his clear dishonesty and very real agenda, think he is. Anger is not a sin, the members of the order should ignore him.
His actions are not of God. Our (last) cardinal was groping men's genitals for years, and O'brien ( according to +Conti) wouldn't "allow" the Scottish bishops to fully investigate sex abuse claims. What a bunch of fakes these"prelates" are. They are not Catholic, but Oh my - they do have an agenda. The order is about a real relationship with the Lord, not the fake garbage we see from too many bishops around the world.
They are fake as they are not honest about their agenda, which in the main is based on their having no faith.

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