Pray for the Pope

I can't quite express how I feel about this Sanctuary, but I think the above could be described as a post-Renaissance masterpiece.

His Holiness is reported to have said of a concert at which his attendance was expected, "I am not a Renaissance Prince who listens to music instead of working."

This could be received as a sideswipe at His Holiness's predecessor, who loved music and concerts. The Pope is now and always will be Successor of St Peter, the Prince of the Apostles and has various titles that connote a Sovereign or Monarch. If we did not believe this we should have to believe that the Chair of St Peter was empty, which makes the image above doubly freaky.

If His Holiness does not want to fulfill the duties placed upon him as Pope, why did then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio accept the Office of the Papacy? Every Bishop in the World has things to which he will be expected to attend. Not every Bishop actually enjoys Fairtrade craftsales or the Nativity at a local school.

For some reason, when I think of this Pontificate, I keep thinking of this great film entitled 'The Madness of King George', which is ironic really, because the Pope is called Jorge. Pray for His Holiness. I'd be right gutted if asked to play guitar for the Pope and His Holiness didn't show because he thought he was above such nonsense, which naturally, he would be. It's a bad analogy, but hey ho...Pray.


bilbo baggins said…
As there havew been riots about the expenditure over the World Cup in Rio, presumably the Franciscan WYD will be cut back somewhat in order to gout to the poor.
Supertradmum said…
Pope Francis is no longer a private person, but the successor of Peter, who represents all of us as well as the apostolic succession. He is a world leader on a world stage and nothing can or should change that.

The absent chair does not remind me of humility but of a strange reluctant to be who he has been chosen to be---Pope.

I am concerned as well that he has not moved into the Papal apartments. Humility is acknowledging who and what one is before God, not an ideology. Before God and before men, Francis is Pope, not merely the bishop of Rome or a private person who does not want to go to concerts.

I love him as my Holy Father and I pray for him, but I do not have to agree with his fallible actions.
Genty said…
And pray for Mgr. Marini.
Ben Hume said…
You may not think I am a moderate (and that’s okay), but I like to think that I am moderate and that a cooperative traditionalism exists. I admire Pope Francis very much even though we aren’t exactly on the same page liturgically. Still, I value his homilies especially, and in general the warmth he exudes to heads of state, eminent clergy, and everyday Romans alike. I think of Pope Francis as a person who walks in the model of the Sacred Heart. Pope Francis is unwavering in his witness to the faith, but also very willing to mirror Christ’s great mercy.

The challenge by the rad trad set is very fundamental: we can recognize our fellow humanity and fellow Christian missioners without losing a healthy individuality. Rorate Coeli and other schismatic groups demonstrate an unhealthy individuality, namely a narcissism manifested in a warped view of liturgy. As Pope Francis says, an inward looking church becomes sick and diseased. This is why these schismatic groups seek to undermine and find constant fault with Francis.
Katalina said…
The more I see this Papacy unfold the more concerned I am geting. If he did make a snide remark about the Pope Emeritus than he is two faced going out to meet him and speaking of him but he seems to forget that if Benedict had not resigned he would not be Pope at all. Just recently he made snide comments about Rosaries said for him. It appear to me that he is starting to believe in his own hype.
Amfortas said…
Let's hope he didn't say that. I don't want to think less of him. Me! Me! Me!
Andrew rex said…
The WYD project was signed off under Benedict so you can't really blame the design on Francis but please remember it's an artist's mock-up only. If it was up to Francis you would probably find it was a scaled back and somewhat cheaper.
pelerin said…
For those worried about the Papal empty chair I recommend having a look at the post today on the blog 'Holy Souls Hermitage.' (I don't think you link to it Laurence).

The blog is written by an American Priest, Fr George David Byers, who has experienced Church life around the world including serving as a chaplain in Lourdes. He is now living as a hermit humbly devoting his life to praying for Priests both living and dead.
Physiocrat said…
Blimey, is that hideous or what?