Cardinal Burke at Sacra Liturgia Conference in Rome

Cardinal Raymond Burke is speaking on the Sacred Liturgy at the Sacra Liturgia Conference in Rome. Fr Z, Fr James Bradley and others are live Tweeting his remarks on the importance of liturgy that is befitting for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the need for Sacred Ministers to adhere to the Church's rules and disciplines in Her Rites, as an example of love for the Lord and His Church. Some great quotes or digests of what Cardinal Burke is explaining are emerging on the live feed. Here are a few:

 'Discipline purifies man of self-centred thoughts and disposes him to lift up his heart to the Lord.'
'Liturgical law isn't rubricism but an expression of love for the Lord and his Church.'

'Only by honouring God's divine right of worship does man find happiness in this life and the life to come.'

'We are face to face with real falsification of sacred worship.'

'Bishops are to 'exercise vigilance so that abuses do not creep into […] the celebration of the sacraments and sacramentals'.'

'The right understanding of the liturgy, and the relationship between Man and God, is safeguarded by the law.'

'Study of the juridical structure of the liturgy is vital; without it the Church's greatest treasure is subject to abuse.'

Already, in Rome, a Mass in reparation for the offensive remarks of Cardinal Burke has taken place.

More pictures as they come in...