Opus Dei

"Hi, I've just arrived in town and I'd like to join Opus Dei. I've decided I want to bring God into my everyday, ordinary life and thereby sanctify the World. When can I start?!"

OD: "Great, well we usually invite you, but we're interested in helping you. What do you do?"

"Well, actually, I'm unemployed."

OD: "Unemployed? Ah...Er...Well...We've got the number of St Vincent de Paul Trust here..."

"Hang on! That's discrimination! I'm taking this to the Equality and Human Rights Commission! After all, that was Ruth Kelly's baby!"

I believe that as long as God permits, St Josemaria Escriva can hear and see what I'm writing and thinking, but Damian Thompson today asks why he was bugging people on Earth? If you're listening, "St Josemaria Escriva! Help me find a job! Ora pro nobis!"


Jay said…
I prayed a Novena to St Jose Maria Escriva, as I wished to find a job that would allow me to attend Daily Mass. My prayer was answered positively, and I now have the glorious pleasure of being able to go to Mass, every day.