The Kids

For years the Church has been trying to get down with the kids...

Now is the time for the Church to take the kids up to Heaven.


Left-footer said…
You have put it in a nutshell.

Interesting how most churches, as buildings, used to point upwards. Modern churches usually point sideways.

Rather telling?
Chris Hall said…
Almost gave me a 'Jim Jones' moment there!
Jason said…
Are you saying the children from the first picture didn't go to heaven? Why does God (who is omniscient) care whether they singin English or 12th century Latin? Surely he can understand both languages
Incredibly beautiful!
The Bones said…
The liturgy is the liturgy of Heaven, not the liturgy of Earth. The Church's liturgy on Earth reflects Heaven, not the other way round, Jason.
Jason said…
Right, but the same point stands. Can God not understand my English? Why is the liturgy of Heaven performed in a twelfth-century dialect of a dead tongue? what was it performed in before medieval Latin developed as a language? did they just not bother? God can hear us whether we flatter our own pride with Latin or not
The first photograph looks like they are worshipping themselves, all that 60's stuff was cool at the time, but now it is really naf (as the children say!, they also use another word these days that I thought meant happy!).

So to prevent our Worship of God becoming "naf" we have used languages that are not commonly used; A special form of Latin adapted to the worship of God, Greek, etc.

Now of course we can flatter our own pride by saying God can understand all languages, and then choose a language we like perhaps Klingon or Sindarin, or even an outdated form of English forever stuck with the mindset of the 1960's.

I know that the Catholic Church is the One True Church, founded by Christ and guided by the Holy Ghost. In the Western Church we have mainly worshipped in Latin for over 1500 years.

For the last 40 or so years, some people have thought they are better than all those past Catholics... and as we have seen all it has done is empty our churches. "By their fruits we will know them"
epsilon said…
Jason - because the statistics tell us that the kids singing in English don't follow the rules and no-one has corrected them!!
epsilon said…
Brilliant post, Larry! : )
Johannes Faber said…
Jason, my answer to why Latin is 'Veterum Sapientia' by Bl John XXIII. This is not a case of 'someone else said so', because he didn't enforce this at all, and given what happened after it was a dead letter. Nonetheless it's a very important letter, and a very interesting letter, and I agree with all of its arguments. So instead of arguing in a combox, or citing the authority of the Church, I shall cite the arguments of Bl John XXIII as if they are my own.

Ironically it's only in Latin on the Vatican website!
Joshua said…
Brilliant Bones!

You are quite right Jason; we shouldn't do Latin out of pride or the silly notion that God understands Latin better. We should do it out of obedience-using the language which was honoured and called for in numerous Councils of the Church.
humility-in trusting that all traditions of the Church have a significance of which we may not be aware of now but has been deeply tested and survived through the centuries.
and love- through which the 2 reasons above come naturally.
Mike & Michaela Mason said…
Except the new venacular liturgy with non-chant hymnody was very popular with children and young adults - note the huge rise of the folk mass movement.
epsilon said…
Mike and Michaela

And the partakers of the folkmassmovement are now all golden oldies who think:

* it's OK to have a chat before, often during, and after Mass,
* put the priest "in his place" i.e. answerable to them,
* have "communion services" during the week because the priest isn't there,
* are quite comfortable with the fact that their children and grandchildren are "good people but they don't practise the faith"

Do I have to continue for you to get the picture?