Norway Atrocity

Masonic murder suspect: Is he York or Scottish Rite?
According to The Daily Telegraph...

'Police officials have also said that the suspect appeared to have posted on websites with Christian fundamentalist tendencies.'

Hmm...Strange because he looks rather like a Freemason to me.

Why is it that Christians, Jews and Muslims have blame placed upon them (or us) for all manner of ills, yet nobody ever blames the Freemasons for anything, despite their malevolent influence on local, national and supranational governments being relatively widely acknowledged?

May God grant rest to the victims of the atrocity in Norway and consolation to their families.


pelerin said…
An interesting dicovery regarding the masonic regalia shown. I could not help noticing that the BBC actually described the man as a 'right-wing Christian fundamentalist' thus continuing their anti-Christian bias.
Pete said…
Yes, the apron is odd but more
likely to be an emblem of his own right-wing delusions. We shall see.

Hateful that "Christian" should be associated with this maniacal atrocity.
Anonymous said…
Christian fundmentalists like you are a threat to our tradition
I don't usually publish anonymous comments, but I think you mean "our masonic tradition".
Marie said…
Not sure what sort of Fundamentalist he was. He had given up on Protestantism according the latest info, describing it as a joke. He apparently wrote:

"I am a supporter of an indirect collective conversion of the Protestant church back to the Catholic."

Grandiose talk. I think we can take religion out of the equation.
Nicholas Dyson said…
Dear Laurence It seems that these tragic events were a false flag event staged to demonize opponents of the debt scam of the bankers so now any one who questions or critisies governments on this issue is classed as a right wing extremist.
RSF said…
He probably figured the opposite of Muslim is Christian...dumb guy!