From the UK Census to US Body Scanners

Talk about fingers in pies!

I'm an avid reader of Prison Planet and I've just read that Lockheed Martin, who were the boys responsible for the UK Census this year, have been given the $72 million contract for the body scanners now at every major airport in the United States of America.

Isn't it wonderful to see the 'land of the free' living up to its traditions?

It's also so heartening that both the US and the UK will never allow terrorism to 'change our way of life'. We launched those wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to defend freedom, liberty and all those values for which that the West stands and we haven't allowed them to intimidate us. No, siree!

Although Lockheed Martin have all our details in the United Kingdom, we know that these details are safe in their trustworthy hands. We can also rest assured that these body scanners are 100% safe and that the Orwellian measures being applied to US citizens are safe in the hands of this gigantic US arms manufacturer. Just remember folks! "War is peace!"


Left-footer said…
On you post "Ossama Bin Laden" of 2nd May, someone calling himself "Larry" - for all I know his real name - has left a comment which is, in its last paragraph, obscene and blasphemous.

He left the same on my blog.

I thought you would want to know.