Monday 21 February 2011

Oh Wow! Watch the Full Movie 'Of Gods and Men'!

With thanks to Gloria TV

Yes, really, the whole movie! Click on the Gloria link above.

Based on true story, 'Of Gods and Men' centres around the monastery of Tibhirine, where Catholic Trappist monks from France lived in harmony with the largely Muslim population of Algeria, until seven of them were beheaded on the night of 26-27 March 1996, by fundamentalists in a still unclear incident. The screenplay focuses on the time leading up to their death. Principal photography took place at an abandoned monastery in Morocco, with careful attention to authenticity.

Rated PG 13 for a momentary scene of startling wartime violence, some disturbing images and brief language. (re-screening; originally Rated R for a scene of graphic violence.

On 23 May, the Armed Islamic Group's communique no. 44 reported that the Armed Islamic Group had killed the monks on 21 May. The Algerian government announced that their heads had been discovered on May 31; their bodies' whereabouts are unknown. Their funeral Mass was celebrated in the Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame d'Afrique (Our Lady of Africa), Algiers on Sunday, June 2, 1996 and they were buried in the cemetery of the monastery at Tibhirine two days later.

The surviving monks of Tibhirine left Algeria, and have set up a monastery near Midelt in Moroccowith help from other Trappist monks from France.

The film premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Grand Prix, the festival's second most prestigious award. It became a big critical and commercial success in its domestic market. It won the Lumière Award for Best Film and has been nominated for eleven César Awards.

"What's interesting about this film is that, while the central theme is thick with religion, there are other themes as stimulating. There is a debate to be had about the political points the film conjures in respect of colonisation and the feasibility of East/West cohabitation. For those interested in theology, there is piquant dialogue on the worth of religion. There's even room for ethics. Faith is presented here as both the force which gives the monks the courage to stay in their monastery, and the thing which ultimately sends them to their deaths."


Father John Boyle said...

What a brilliant find. Thanks!

Fr Patrick said...

Thought I would have to wait till April! Wonderful! Have put it on my blog but I am delighted to have found it here first!

berenike said...

Does EJGCatholic have permission to post this film on the internet? If not, he or she is stealing. Please don't promote this. It's hardly the way to support the people who made a good film.

Father John Boyle said...

Any evidence that thid posting is illegal?

The Bones said...

Well, it did cross my mind, Father, but I took comfort in the fact that had done it first, and since they are a proper organisation, I can't see them actually breaking the law. If you're worried about it, then we should just link to the, I guess.

Father John Boyle said...

I took the same line as you - Gloria would be heavily sued if they did this illegally. So I'm happy to leave it up on my site. It never occurred to me that it might not be legal.

Anonymous said...

its Fair Use. Ones that are questionable state explicitly in the Video info Box ' all rights 'reserved' as well are NOT available for downland. just all copyright complaints must through to,in a process NOT the poster/up-loader or the Blogger. infringement happens when its recognized by the infringed party and acted upon.., the internet isnt very 'black and white' and if Berniki has a conscious problem with it, she should not be watching anything online....and will take it down if necessary.It is the responsibility of the website, just like Youtube.
they once received 2 copyright complaints about my videos, and they discussed with the 2 parties. one video was removed, after informinmg me, the other left up.One need only read's Terms of Service.
plus St. Thomas AQUINAS says its not stealing.we are hungry for bread after all.....:P.also if it was a problem 90% of would be shut down and would most video dump sites..

anyways here is a list of more movies, including Into Great Silence, some of these hard or impossible to find movies are thus made available to us poor Catholics in countries without actually promotes the films all for the glory of god and not the almighty that the better versions may be bought,particularly the limited release ones which like Gods and Men, was never shown or available in North America.
anyways here is a list of more movies,

Father John Boyle said...

If it's fair use, and legal, ok. But we cannot use Aquinas to justify stealing movies etc. on the internet on the grounds that we are making them available to the poor. If we want to make them available to the poor, let us rich guys purchase copies and distribute them.

It is not about promoting the almighty dollar but ensuring those who produce them get the income to which they have a right. None of us has a right to see e.g. Into Great Silence. It's very nice to be able to see it, but it's not a right.

Whereas we do have a right to enough food to stay alive.

berenike said...

I don't think "fair use" includes "sticking the whole thing up on the internet while it's still in the cinemas". It's a copyright infringement whether or not the owner of the copyright knows about it - just as your skis can be stolen, even if you don't notice until you go to look for them.

I've known the people who run for about ten years - they're not checking everything that goes up, just as youtube doesn't.

berenike said...

Father John,

Here is what Sony have to say on "fair use" and the use of clips from films.

I expect the DVD from which this was copied had a little licensing notice that apeared before the film began to play, saying something like "This DVD is licensed for ... " (probably home viewing only, unless the copy bought was one for community use or some such). Copying the contents off the DVD, whether onto another DVD or a server, doesn't remove the restriction. I noticed there was no declaration on the page that said the film had been posted with permission, which makes it fairly certain that there wasn't any. And as people are not in the habit of giving away their films for free, it is reasonable to assume that it is an illegal posting.

As I wrote to you on PM, EJGCatholic, if it was an old film with negligible royalty loss from being published on the net - well, it seems to me that's one thing, even if it is technically still illegal. But this hasn't even been released in some countries yet!

Father John Boyle said...

I'll be deleting the embedded code from my post. Thanks.

Fr Patrick said...

I deleted post now.

I have the DVD pre ordered from Amazon. Will still get the DVD and can recommend others to go and get it or at least watch it. Was very moving. Can't get it in Cinemas round here anymore.

You just got to feel sorry for Sony that starving, destitute organisation! Mea culpa!

Good luck to you Lawrence in your job search.

The Bones said...

Thank you, Father.

Fr Patrick said...

Opps should have typed Laurence! I spelt it the brummie Irish way!

God Bless

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