Abortion "Safer" than Childbirth Says Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

"Look at the screen. Blink and you could miss him..."
Well, they would say that, wouldn't they?

Suffice to say that the long-term psychological, physical, mental and definitely spiritual effects of abortion are very well-documented.

In terms of all these harmful effects upon a woman, abortion is far more dangerous and less safe than giving birth. Unfortunately, when a group of doctors get together under the banner of the Royal College, the World takes the statements very seriously because they're 'experts', aren't they?

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gyanaecologists have a very explicit agenda to promote abortion and I have in various posts in the past elaborated on why it is also an explicitly eugenic one at that. In other words, these doctors are saying,  "Don't worry about getting rid of your Downs Syndrome baby. It's the safest procedure in the World." Still, while the Royal College does indeed have a ghastly eugenic dimension, I am open to the idea that, basically, the Royal College just think that abortion is a great thing all round.

Of course, regardless of whatever evidence the Royal College would use to support their vile assertion, there has, as yet, been absolutely no safe abortions for unborn babies, this figure resting at zero since the practice was first legalised and liberalised in 1967. I believe the number of unsafe abortions for unborn children is around 200,000 a year in the United Kingdom.

For a doctor or group of doctors to say that abortion is safer than childbirth is about as shocking as a Priest telling a group of Catholics on retreat that there is no Hell. Thanks be to God, that's something that never happens here in the UK, but if ever a Priest did, it wouldn't surprise me to hear he was a Jesuit...


Richard Collins said…
Abortion safer than childbirth? Not for the baby it ain't!
Patricius said…
The logic is inescapable! No dead person has ever been heard to complain of feeling even a little bit poorly!
Physiocrat said…
Abortion safe? It always results in at least one fatality.
sanabituranima said…
What Richard Collins said.

I very much doubt they have compared the long-term psychological dangers. I am certain they have not looked at the spiritual dangers.
Heather Hadden said…
I believe the psychological effects of abortion can be devastating. Any woman could regret her decision for the rest of their life. It is possible to recover from having an abortion but I don’t think it would be possible to forget the baby she had killed.