Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, Now Gloriously Reigning

Pray for the intentions of Pope Benedict XVI
Readers of Damian Thompson's blog, Rorate Caeli (who broke the story) and Fr Z's blog 'What Does the Prayer Really Say?' will have been seriously perturbed by rumours that a clarification or instruction on Summorum Pontificum will be restrictive in tone with regard to the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass and other ancient liturgies such as the Ambrosian Rite used in Milan.

Rorate Caeli says...

'Strange, violent, and dark forces wish to derail the application of Summorum Pontificum. Lawyers (and those who know lawyers...) and legislators are quite aware how this goes: a lower-ranking interpretive text so modifies the clear letter of the law that renders the latter ineffectual.
Reports from different sources suggest that ill-intentioned people within the highest ranks of the Holy See wish to use the clarification document on Summorum Pontificum as a Trojan Horse, emptying the motu proprio of all its content, especially regarding Parish Priests and other members of the diocesan clergy (see e.g. Messa in Latino). This is a dangerous, clear, and credible threat. We must pray, indeed, but all priests and lay faithful must act. All Catholic faithful must send urgent and respectful letters to the Holy Father, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Secretariat of State, the Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei', and other authorities, asking the Holy Father and curial authorities to defend the clear letter of the motu proprio that gave us freedom and thanking once again the Holy Father for the gift that was Summorum Pontificum, including references to the personal improvement brought to one's Catholic life and family by the wider availability of the Traditional liturgy.

This is also a time for open letters to the Pope, from all concerned Catholic intellectuals, in Italy, in France, in Germany, in Britain, in America, and elsewhere. We must make our voices heard BEFORE the storm hits, and it may hit us very soon.'

Fr Zuhlsdorf's advice is to pray, to pray hard and to fast for the protection of the Holy Father and the weakening of his enemies who wish to derail the train that the Successor of St Peter set in motion. As you will see from comments in the post below concerning this issue, considerable opposition exists within the Church to the liberation of the Traditional Latin Mass. Sadly, it would be naive to think that such opposition does not exist even within the highest levels of the Hierarchy in Rome. I must say that, as a still relatively recent convert to the Holy Faith, that experiencing the Traditional Latin Mass has enriched my prayer. It has deepened my appreciation for the great Mystery of the Mass.

I will try to come up with an open letter that people can sign, but, in the meantime, if someone else feels moved to write it, or has written one, I will put it up on the blog to be signed and so that we can send it on to the relevant Vatican departments. It has to be said that while some Cardinals, such as Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Ranjith have acted on Summorum Pontificum and embraced the usage of the Roman Rite with great loyalty and enthusiasm, many Bishops and Cardinals around the World who were seemingly unmoved by the Motu Proprio, may be considerably more moved by any further clarification that appears to be more restrictive in tone towards the celebration of the TLM and seek to secure its suppression. The Holy Father has spoken of the 'mutual enrichment' of both Rites. It was very clear what his intentions were, we must pray that his intentions are emboldened not scuppered by those who wish to undermine both his authority and the generosity towards the TLM for which he directly appealed to Priests, Bishops and Cardinals.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, now gloriously reigning!


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to believe this rumour or not. But Paolo Rodari says it is totally groundless. I find it highly unlikely that the Summorum Pontificum will be restricted to that decree that we must go back to indult-time. What is done is done, nothing is more difficult than turning back the clock. And what kind of legal status these instructions will have? Aren't they to be approved by Holy Father Himself? All this tells me to mistrust the rumour. And it is sad to see that Damian Thompson circulates this story without further recherche. In the end, he is the professional journalist and we are amateurs.


pelerin said...

'Seriously perturbed' indeed. My heart skipped a beat when I read the news last night. After the optimism of the last three years I do hope the rumours of restriction are unfounded.

Fr Ronan Kilgannon said...

If we reacted to every rumour that had its origin in Rome there would be no time for anything but letter writing to the Holy See.
Fr Ronan Kilgannon.

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