Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Day Our Lady Stopped Traffic...

Yesterday was a quite breathtaking day all round for the Holy Faith. Fresh from the jubilation of faithful Chilean miners being released from the dark recesses of the Earth, so too the Bishop of Fulham and the congregation of St Peter's, Folkstone left a sinking ship to grab onto the life raft offered by the Holy Father to join the True Barque of Peter.

So, too, there was joy on the streets of London as over a thousand pilgrims prayed the Holy Rosary and sang hymns to the Great Mother of God on the Rosary Crusade of Reparation, from Westminster Cathedral to Brompton Oratory. I've posted a couple of clips for readers to get a taste of the atmosphere of the solemn, but profoundly joyful walk.

On the way there I was sat opposite a young man with Rosary beads on. He was listening to his I-pod or whatever all the way there, but all the way there I was gagging to ask him if he was going on the Crusade, but of course, it is more likely that they may have just been 'fashion' Rosary beads.  Someone had left a copy of The Guardian where I read that Tony Blair divulged in his memoirs how he and Cherie made love on the night when he decided to bomb Iraq. 'On the night of 12 May 1994', he writes, 'I needed that love Cherie gave me selfishly. I devoured it to give me strength...' which just conjoured up horrendous images in my mind of Mrs Blair saying, "Oh, give it to me, you mass murderer, you!"

I met Once I was a Clever Boy and All the Little Epsilons there and also saw familiar faces from the happy if combative wait to see Pope Benedict XVI arrive and leave at His Holiness's Westminster Hall speech, though no Protestant protestors, thank God. We were even promised that plenary indulgence on the conditions of Confession and reception of Holy Communion for which we campaigned while waiting for the Holy Father!

That the Mother of God rejoices at the prayers of her children in this vale of tears is undeniable, but when one reads stories like this one about social services involvement in the life of a Ugandan Catholic mother and her children, we realise how much we are not just in need of making reparation for our sins, but the sins of the whole World too, that wound her Immaculate Heart. It is truly shocking. If there is one thing (and we know that there is more than one thing) that cries out to Heaven for Vengeance, it is stories like this. Our Blessed Lady knows all about the heartbreak and agony of mother's who have their children ripped away from them by a band of the wicked. How much pity and sorrow she must feel for mothers who suffer like this! May those in the career of 'child protection' learn justice, mercy and the dignity of all those with whom they come in contact! The homeless woman actually asked Social Services for help! What did she get? Crucifixion! Vipers!


Laura said...

Thanks Laurence. Couldn't go but was very glad to have a small taste of what it was like.

Adulio said...

Apparently the number was over 2000. Deo Gratius.

pelerin said...

Interested to see from Auricularis how many were there. Have been trying to find out how many people Brompton Oratory holds (as it was filled to capacity) but no success. I did find out that Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Elgar married there - not to each other of course!

Lovely to see and hear the pictures - the wonders of modern technology.

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