To which warmongering former British Prime Minister turned pathologically power-crazed millionaire philanthropist is the following quote attributable?

“I’m a social engineer now. I can engineer social change on my own terms, outside of a big government buraucracy.”

Answers in the comments box...I know it is the season of goodwill and all, but...Anyway, since when did 'social engineering' become acceptable again?


Physiocrat said…
I can't imagine who it could be but it sounds as if his CPN should be keeping an eye on him. He could be a danger to himself and the public.
give him a break dude..anyone with a wife like that would go a bit...well...?
Jane said…
He has always been a danger to himself and the public of his own and other nations
I think the Church needs to make a public pronoucement to the effect that the Faithful know...

"Brothers and Sisters, this is what can happen when mortal men attain power...(lots of condemnation)...May his life be a living example to us not to do as he has done and to always seek holiness and take for our model and pattern of life that of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ..."
...the crazy thing about it is that he's just so completely oblivious to it all !
That Cormac and Fr Michael Seed simply didn't perform their apostolic and presbyteral duty to this poor lost reprobate is a scandal and shame upon us all....