Saturday, 30 June 2018

'Like a Bridge... '(with Fr James Martin S.J and friends)

Like a Bridge... from Laurence England on Vimeo.

From his latest tweet, I hear Fr James Martin S.J is on a week's holiday. I wonder which Pride Festival he is attending on his break.


Mary Kay said...

Well. That was special! I so hope father Martin sees this fine tribute. He does seem to enjoy taking the stage for his favorite cause.

Kathleen1031 said...

As always, superb. This one poignant and sad as well. We're in a sad place.

john haggerty said...

Paul Simon finished writing the first section of his song and felt it was complete.
His arranger thought the composition was unfinished.
'I feel it should be a BIG song,' the arranger kept saying while Simon demurred, 'No, No, it's a SMALL song.'

After a bit of encouragement Simon finally wrote the song's BIG second half.
The moral is: Sometimes an artist can be wrong about his own work.

Christianity is a far bigger song than the James Martins of this world will ever know.
Martin seeks the approval of the media far more than the unsearchable riches of Christ.

If Pope Francis wants clear Catholic teaching on marriage and sexual morality then he must publicly rebuke James Martin in clear and unambiguous language.

umblepie said...

Very, very sad and tragic situation in the Church, particularly among certain of the hierarchy. A clever song in the video, but I find one phrase, viz. 'like ….. behind' objectionable although no doubt true, and I think the song better without it. You may consider me over-sensitive to such descriptive language, but it paints an unnecessary picture which I do not want to see or even imagine. There are too many such pictures already assailing our minds every day, which we cannot prevent. The particular line I quote from your song, I think both regrettable and unecessary.

geneticallycatholic said...

I started to listen ...but stopped. What's going on in our beloved Church is too painful.
Another, but less understood, problem with homosexual priests and pedophilia, is that innocent priests have been caught up in this. Because of 'easy payouts' by the Church, claims have been made against innocent priests in the United States, some of whom have been subsequently imprisoned.

One such priest is Fr. Gordon MacRae, imprisoned now for over 2 decades. Through friends, he posted the following comment on an oped by James Martin's ( I just cannot address Martin as Father),in the Wall Street Journal. Fr. MacRae, also added some commentary around his comment, when he sent his posted comment to me. Here it is...Father Gordon MacRae says:

I published the comment below on an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal by Fr James Martin entitled, "The Missing Link in Sex Abuse Reform" (May 25, 2018). My comment was rejected by the WSJ monitors and then accepted and posted upon appeal. Fr Martin's bio at the end of the op-ed identifies him as author of his latest book, Building a Bridge. Here is my comment:

"Were Sigmund Freud alive today, he might find very curious the mental gymnastics that Catholic leaders of the left go through to shield homosexual priests from being connected to The Scandal. It isa monument to the power of reaction formation that an entire institution would prefer the term pedophile scandal to homosexual scandal even when the facts say otherwise. With this piece, Father Martin is not building a bridge. He is blockading a harbor. This is why scant attention is paid to the rampant abuse of the Catholic sex abuse story."

My comment then links to my post, "Abused by the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests."

Of interest, WSJ originally rejected the comment for its use of a forbidden term. I thought the offending term was "pedophile" but I was wrong. The comment was rejected for use of the term, "homosexual" which is no longer the politically correct preference of the LGBTQ community. On appeal, the WSJ editor published my comment and stated that he would remove "homosexual" from its algorithm list of rejected terminology.
The link that Fr. MacRae refers to is this one:

Peter said...

Was Fr Martin a special friend of Cdl McCarrick?

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