Well, at least they weren't rigid...

Of course, we're all looking forward to Obama/Hillary and Putin showing great 'flexibility' in 'shall we or shall we not use an array of nuclear warheads against each other during WW3' and thus ensure the death of millions of civilians.

These moral laws - such an encumbrance when you just want to blow up your enemies countries and allies!

Obama and Putin. 

Come on!

Don't be rigid types! Show flexibility and elasticity with the moral law and with human laws like treaties and stuff!

Not to be elastic is worse than the unforgivable sin - the only unforgivable sin - that's right! 

The great sin against ecumenism!


Pope Francis said: “They appear good because they follow the Law; but they are concealing something else: either they are hypocritical or they are sick. And they suffer!” Oh dear. I’d better start doing some stealing, fornicating, swearing and human trafficking. I wouldn’t want to be thought of as a hypocrite or sick. And it will stop all that suffering into the bargain. Pope Francis, being merciful, wants to put an end to all that suffering. Hey, who needs Confession when you don’t need to follow God’s law? Well, now and then, maybe. But certainly not rigidly. That’s only for the pathological. And as for all that stuff about feeding the hungry. Let’s not be rigid. We don’t need to do it all the time. Once in a blue moon is quite enough. Never mind the suffering of the hungry. You have to think about your own suffering. Why not establish an award, with a medal, for the most pathological Catholics of all time. How about St Theresa of Calcutta? She was far too rigid on the subject of abortion. Or St Maria Goretti? She was far too rigid on the subject of fornication. As for that St Ignatius of Loyola fellow, he was far too rigid on spiritual exercises and things like examining your conscience. Thank goodness modern day Jesuits are a completely different kettle of fish.
Blotto said…
The ecumaniacal phrase that makes me cringe even more than all the rest is "people of all faiths and none" which if you think about it, aren't really two mutually exclusive groups.

Whilst on the subject of inexplicably ecumaniacal behaviour, I see that at the ceremony to close Westminster Cathedral's Holy Door for the year of mercy, to be presided over by Cardinal 'all points of the compass deserve equal treatment' Nichols, none other than Mr.Justin Welby,Esq. will be "preaching". While anyone with brain cells in double figures knows he's not the Archbishop of Canterbury, that particular 'potato' is simply too hot for those at English Catholic H.Q. to handle. I wouldn't blame Justin the ex-banker for occasionally chuckling to himself of an evening as he thinks "You can fool some of the people, all of the time."
Do you think that Justin will reciprocate the favour and let a Catholic Archbishop preach in Canterbury Cathedral? A good text would be Matt 16:18.
Nicolas Bellord said…
Blotto: You really must be a bit more positive. The idea is to get the Archbishop of Canterbury to walk through the door of mercy so that his sins are forgiven and he will be the first Archbishop of Canterbury to receive a plenary indulgence since the Reformation.
Lepanto said…
'Sticks and stones...'. At least we know that we have HH very worried, he knows that there is stiff resistance and seems to think that we are going to cave in if he attacks us enough. He is also referring to his own near ancestors as well as most Popes, I wonder if he has thought of that. Silly man!
Blotto said…
You Inflexible Exponent of Doctrinal Stagnation! You Opaque Mirror of Dogmatic Rigor Mortis!

Cardinal Nichols is the epitome of Nice and far from choosing any divisive Gospel passages as his subject matter, he would be much more likely to want to lead his audience in a stirring rendition of 'He's got the Whole World in His Hands.'
Blotto said…
NB- Well, I am positive about one thing. There's more of a chance of Justin Welby,esq. being seen indulging himself (on dainty triangular cucumber sandwiches) at the next plenary session of ARCIC than there is of him slipping through the Door before it closes.
Jacobi said…
The difference between today and the Cold War is that nuclear weapons then were new and people on both sides were careful. Today we have become used to them as apparently Mankind does to anything, even Evil itself, so it is now so much more dangerous, and Evil is so much closer .

The Northern Hemisphere could vapourise at the touch of a button now before the enormous financial forces driving our thinking have even noticed the flash outside the window

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