There is no way the Lord is giving messages to Maria Divine Mercy...

I mean the Man who gave us the Beatitudes would never talk like this! There is no way that the Man who said 'judge not lest ye be judged' and 'condemn not lest ye be condemned' would tell His followers to abide by holy charity and to refrain from venting our spleen at others. No way, that just would not make sense. 

I have never posted anything in terms of actual text from the ecclesiastically condemed Maria Divine Mercy site claiming to prepare the Church and World for the Second Coming of Our Lord, on my blog, but you know what, this time I might just go with it...

Lord, spare your servant.

My dearly beloved daughter, to those amongst you who do not desire that I communicate with you, then know this. Your free will means that you are free to choose whether or not you accept what I say and what I desire. Whether to believe or not believe – that is your choice and, whatever you decide, I will never Judge you because of this.
But you must never judge others in My Name. By this I mean judging those who reject Me, as well as, those who accept My Intervention. Not one amongst you has the right to declare another person to be evil or guilty of wrongdoing. Those of you who judge harshly - those people you believe to be wrong, guilty of wrongdoing or heresy – do not have this right. You must remain silent and pray for those you believe to be afflicted. Only I, Jesus Christ, have the Power to Judge humanity.
When you demean another person in My Holy Name, you are guilty of sin and I will hold this against you. When you harm others by your tongue, I will silence you. When you hurt another person’s reputation, your own reputation will be questioned by others. Hypocrisy disgusts Me and when you are guilty of calumny, carried out in My Name, then you bring great shame, not only on yourselves, but upon My Holy Name
Any man who inflicts pain upon another person and openly professes to speak in the Name of God, deceives only himself. Those who punish others and say that they are merely carrying out their orders, because of their dedication and devotion to God, are not of Me. 
Shame on you, for you do not know Me. And while you fight amongst yourselves – Christian against Christian – the pagans amongst you are invading My Church. The enemy works very cleverly. His cunning plan is to create discord within My Church and as true allegiance to Me weakens, the doors have been opened to allow the heathen to desecrate My Churches and the Holy Eucharist.
Shame on those of you who know the Truth – My Holy Word given to you in the most Holy Scriptures. Every sacrifice was made for you; the prophets of God sent to you were violated, persecuted and killed; the visionaries, seers and the saints – all revered, only after their deaths, but scourged by you when they imparted My Word and then My Own Sacrifice – when you crucified Me. Now what do you do? You allow those who worship false gods to pay homage to them upon My Altars, which are meant to honour Me. Would these pagans allow you to do the same in their temples.
History repeats itself. The heathen took over My Father’s Church and they were cast out. When you desecrate My Church and My Body, you are no longer fit to serve Me and I will cast out every sacred servant of Mine who betrays Me in this way. Your sins are blacker than those whom you serve in My Name, for you will carry with you the souls you take away from Me. It is time for you to choose. You either accept Me, Jesus Christ, as I Am and not what you want Me to be or you deny Me. There is nothing in between.
Your Jesus 
No. This visionary must be a witch. Let's stone her. That can't be Jesus Christ because we all know that if Jesus spoke to a servant today His message would be very similar to Mundabor's. "Forget that 'love one another' stuff", He would say, " Charity is for losers". Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, because I have sinned against You. What is evil in Your Sight, I have done.


Andrew said…
I don't normally go in for the whole "end of days" thing either, but when I saw this headline on the BBC website over the weekend I'm not so sure:

"Berlin House of One: The first church-mosque-synagogue?"*

Thankfully, there didn't appear to be any Roman Catholic association with the project.



Tereze Avila said…
This is a very TRUE MESSAGE... I have no idea why do you think there is something wrong with it? Can you be more explicit with your thoughts?
Tereze Avila said…
P.S.By calling to stone her, you making yourself no better than Taliban... I hope, that when your emotions will go down, you will remove your poisonous post...
viterbo said…
"Not one amongst you has the right to declare another person to be evil or guilty of wrongdoing...any man who inflicts pain upon another person and openly professes to speak in the Name of God, deceives only himself." While few people would think they had a right to declare another PERSON evil, reckoning that we have 'no right' to recognize someone as being 'guilty of wrong-doing' means we have no right to recognize sinful behaviour, period. As such we should strive to ignore our own and others sinful nature, if so we must avoid sacramental Grace because that forces us to recognise our own and others' sin. And if we must never be the cause of anothers' pain then we really should never speak of hell or sin because most people find these things painful.

Are you sure MDM wrote this and not Bergoglio?

For the most it seems we are deeply asleep in our sins. How are we to wake up if this stupour is never contradicted?
The Bones said…

I was joking. I've no idea whether these messages are of the Lord but many of them resonate with me.
Anonymous said…
There are so many weirdos out there including this woman portraying herself as a divine entity.
Why do you concentrate on this?

The message of Fatima is really strong and has been suppressed by Paul the VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

During the Second Vatican Council a delegation from the Moscow controlled Orthodox Church was in Rome and managed to persuade the Vatican to avoid any thought of mentioning any consecration of Russia. Russia was never consecrated. This a fact and not conspiracy.

Cardinal Bertone visited Sr Lucia and interviewed her for 2 hours in 2001, but only a short statement was issued by the Vatican.

On the Vatican website you read some part of the secret that makes no sense to any human being.

I am sure that the Virgin Queen of the Universe is not happy with this manipulation and lac\k of transparency from Rome.

Lets pray for the whole world. For Pope Francis. We are in big trouble.

God Bless!
Anonymous said…
"...any man who inflicts pain upon another person and openly professes to speak in the Name of God, deceives only himself."

Sounds reasonable to me. The keyword here is "in the Name of God." It means that you are normally entitled to your own opinion, as long as it's your own opinion. But to harm others in words and actions "in the Name of God" is a no-no.
She probably wrote this message to avoid being judged and called a liar... well she is one. Someone is lying, or you think these words really came from Our Lady:

My dear child, let it be known that I will make one more appearance at all the Marian grottos, which were approved by my Son’s Church, over the centuries.

"I will make myself known in Sacred sites, which will include Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette and Guadalupe. I will also appear at Garabandal. These apparitions will begin this Spring, just as my Son has instructed." 24 Jan 2014

Spring is over... one more lie from MDM - more about her here
Unknown said…
What he said.
Unknown said…
The exact wording was that these appearances will start this Spring and be seen by “chosen souls.” That appears to mean not masses at one time as at Fatima.

Seattle Kimmy
Anonymous said…
My dearly beloved daughter not one man amongst you is so clean of soul that he can judge another in my name.

In the name of social justice and social and social compassion the false prophet will set out what the world will believe to be to evangelise and create a modern church. This Church will be seen to reach out to all sinners and to embrace those sinners who's sins are not acceptable to me. Maria of Divine mercy Aug 10 2013